Monday, December 12, 2005

This is Michelle's Last Hurrah

Well it’s officially 5 days till Michelle ties the knot (that’s if you count the actual day)!!! So to celebrate her big step into deep dark abyss called marriage we sent her off in style with the time honored tradition of a bachelorette party, complete with all the vulgarities required for such an event! Michelle looked lovely in her cowboy hat complete with veil and a particularly, how do you say, creative, candy necklace. Let’s just say the candy came in a particular shape, wink wink! We had a blast all the girls came and stayed at my place and we went out on the town in our stretch SUV limo (oh yeah we’re that cool)! We had dinner at the Magic Time Machine, and it was great, it’s a place where all the waiters are dressed up as characters from movies, cartoons, ect. Aladdin was our waiter, although Abu was absent (Aladdin said he hadn’t seen him in six weeks, some pet owner). Let me just insert here that the Magic Time Machine was great I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time! That and Waldo (famous from his many books, Where’s Waldo) had a particular liking for our table, it’s cause we’re all hot, I mean come on, who wouldn’t want to hang out with us. All the male waiters serenaded Michelle with “You’ve lost that lovin’ feeling.” Oh and I forgot to mention the best part, all the table at MTT are decorated differently like one table is in a library, another is a school bus, we were in the hut!!!! It was fabulous, although a little tight for six girls! After dinner we loaded into the limo and headed toward Pete’s Piano Bar, where we had to wait in line to get, obviously they didn’t get the memo we were VIPs! Once inside you basically needed football pads and gear to get anywhere cause it was so full! I invaded so many people’s personal intimate space (that would be the 0 to 14 in area around your body, I’m not sure which theory that is but I learned it in college, good thing I took away important information huh, thank you Baylor). I’m pretty sure I inadvertently groped a couple people accidentally as well. But it was a good time nonetheless, the piano guys played “Total Eclipse of the Heart” which is our song (our=the girls). And we got Michelle called up on stage and they made up a song about her that was well, far from tasteful! All in all the evening was a success!

Here’s to you Michelle!

Blasted: For my family driving me crazy.

Yippee: I only have to work three days this week!!!!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

This is news

I apologize heavily for my lack of posting. So, sorry. But now for an update on many different things.

1. Texans are silly with their ice and closing things down. DISD closed today because well, I’m not quite sure. It’s snowing and like 15 degrees in OK and people are still going to work. But I digress.

2. I cannot complain we delayed opening today till 10am, this was wonderful seeing that I usually come in at 7:30am.

3. Because I got to leave work at 3:30 yesterday because of the “inclement” weather, I decided to go get my hair done. Sadly I cannot afford Warren again, so I went to another salon, I’m going to leave you in suspense about how my hair looks (but I will say it’s different)!

4. I spent way too much money on very few Christmas decorations yesterday. Because number one, my fiancĂ© thinks I’m a Scrooge and I’m trying to work on it, and number two, my wonderful friends are visiting this weekend and well I needed to decorate, lest they make fun of me.

5. Paying for your own car insurance stinks.

6. Your dog peeing on your carpet stinks.

7. It is wonderful when you get past your initial probationary period at work and you are eligible for paid time off! This is good thing!

8. In regards to the last item, I’ll only be working eight days between now and the New Year (GuideStone = most magical place in the world, see you thought it was Disneyworld, you are sorely mistaken my friend!)

9. Departmental Christmas Party tomorrow… woo hoo tinsel!

10. We’ve set a date for the wedding… October 7, 2006, only 303 days to go!

Blasted: To hearing my neighbors celebrating about not having to go to work today as I got ready.

Yippee: To getting to see my friends this weekend! And cramming into my 448sq ft efficiency!

Monday, November 28, 2005

This is progress

Sooo to update the bad experience with the groomers! I wrote a very long, nasty, but fair email to the corporate office of PetsMart. There wasn't really a place for complaints on the website but a place to report excellent customer service, so naturally I left my complaint there. I just figured I'd get an email back with a coupon or something. But instead I got a voicemail from the Store Manager! It was a nice surprise. Now let me state that I love PetsMart, Glenn will attest that I really can't control myself! But the grooming incident found in the "This is sad" post was too much. So I return the manager's call and he tells me my next grooming is free and that he wants me to talk to the grooming manager! He was very nice and I was quite impressed! So needless to say Rodi might go back for at least one more groom job at PetsMart (hey, it's free).

On another note, Rodi did survive the holiday with all the harrassement from my family (especially my older brother, Randy) about how she's not a real dog. My cousin's rule for if it's a dog or not is if you can throw it 50 feet, it's not a dog. But she did end up winning everybody over over the course of a couple of days! Oh and Glenn had to go help my dad mend an electric fence so Dad had Rodi in the car, and as cattle approached she barked at them, and they all ran in fear of her, she's still got a big head about that one! And I'm very surprised she didn't get violently ill! She was feed just about everything under the sun, or at least that was served at our house for the Thanksgiving! Needless to say we were both glad to get back home to our place!

Blasted: Back at work

Yippee: Making progress wedding planning!

Monday, November 21, 2005

This is a Monday!

Today has truly been a Monday! So I get up to head to work, not wanting to get out of bed, and finally get out the door, and it’s freezing outside. I get in the car and start to get going. Isn’t it funny how we feel so protected in our cars, and I don’t mean safe because you are wearing a seat belt or you have side airbags, but protected from others view. I always find myself doing things that I would only do in the privacy of my own home, or apparently the privacy of Highway 75 at 5 o’clock rush hour. So as I’m sitting in traffic on 75 I look in my rearview mirror and see this guy, shaved head, hoodie, sunglasses, and he is rockin out! I mean singing his heart out, it was great I watched him for a good two minutes and from what I could tell he didn’t miss a beat! It’s funny how we always assume that nobody can see us in our cars! I must say it brightened my day, until I got out of my car in the parking garage and went to the elevator and realized like I have on several Mondays that I had forgotten my ID. Here at GuideStone you’d think that we worked at the CIA! Because you see to get up the elevator in the parking garage you have to swipe you ID, to get to all the floors in our building (with the exception of 1 and our conference center) you have to swipe your ID. Needless to say it is not good if you forget your ID. I’ve always forgotten it on Monday, this time I’d left it in a purse and changed purses over the weekend. I really must make a sign for the door of my apt! So I got in my car and went back to my apartment and got it, because I did not want to have to schmooze with the security guard, Tony, yet again as to why I’d forgotten my very important ID! Then when I finally got to my desk it was mass chaos for the first hour or so, at least till I had to go to a meeting (thank goodness)!

I did go see Harry Potter with my brother and sister-in-law. And it was absolutely wonderful! Although I must say I did relish the fact that at the very beginning (which is very foreboding) my sister-in-law, Dorrie, leaned over and asked if the movie was scary. I kind of chuckled to myself and said yes, in fact, that it was very scary ( I said it with such confidence you’d of thought I read the books, but who needs to when all your friends talk about the books around you!) So Dorrie spent the majority of the evening buried in Jeff’s shoulder. I must admit I did squint my eyes once or twice, because that’s my logic in scary movies, that it won’t be as scary if I can only see part of screen.

Yippee: For getting to see Harry Potter again with Glenn tomorrow night!

Blasted: It’s snack day at work and there is a plethora, that’s right, a plethora of extremely tempting and fattening snacks sprawled out in our conference room!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

This is sad

Yesterday Glenn was saying that Rodi needed to go the groomer. She’s been really itchy lately and well let’s face she was getting kinda mangy. So from work I call and get her an appointment for 6 yesterday evening. We take her in and they tell us she doesn’t have an appointment, but they still had the opening so they took her. They were not happy about it though. So we go to dinner and then bum around the apartment till it’s time for us to go pick her up. We go to PetsMart and go get the receipt, take it to the front and pay. We go to get her and our sweet, cute little dog’s and her hair had been BUTCHERED!!!!! They might as well have shaved her. Glenn’s always joking about wanting to get her puppy cut, it’s much worse than that. And on top of that they didn’t even do a good job of cutting what hair she had left! It’s all uneven and really pathetic looking. Well needless to say Glenn and I are very displeased with the PetsMart groomers, I’ll be making some phone calls and possibly writing a strongly worded letter. So she looks very pathetic, so we think we’re gonna keep her in sweaters and dresses till it grows out a bit. It’s funny she’s only four lbs but without her hair she looks so tiny! Well we still think she’s beautiful but she’s gonna have several bad hair days till it grows out a bit! I try to get a picture of her to post (the one above is from Homecoming).

Blasted – The dryer ate my quarters last night when I was drying clothes, it started but when I went to go get them they were all still wet!

Yippee – To not having to go to work tomorrow!!!!

Very bad hair day! It looks worse in person.

Friday, November 11, 2005

This is random

I am aware that I haven’t blogged in quite awhile, and I’m sorry. Life has been semi crazy for the past week or so. Who knew being engaged would be so emotionally stressful? Well work has been quite unproductive seeing that I spend a majority of my time looking at my ring or IMing with Kristy! But I do have some things that have been on my mind lately that I would like to share.

1. I work in a Christian environment, we exist to help pastors and staffs of churchs. Yet there are numerous ladies that I work with that use those tissue toilet seat protector things. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not a dirty kid, but come on, what do they think they’re gonna contract? I’m starting to worry that I’m surrounded by germaphobs! I’m with Michelle on this one, having some germs on you is not a bad thing, in my opinion it boost your immune system a bit. Now this is not based on any scientific research of any sort, just a personal opinion.
2. There is a man that lives above me that I can’t really figure out what he does, excuse me, I know what he does for a living he’s a teacher, but I can’t figure out what he does when he’s home. For the past month it’s sounded like he’s completely remodeling his apartment hammer sounds mostly. But for anyone’s that’s seen my apartment knows that there’s not all the much to change (it’s only 448 sq. ft.). Then yesterday I start to wake up for work around 6:15 and I hear music, then I realize he’s playing the guitar, now I ask you what person in their right mind does that, very strange! So I received a lovely 30 minute classical guitar concert as I woke up for the day.
3. My mom asked me for advice two nights ago, it wasn’t about her clothes or what earrings she should wear with her outfit, or even if her hair needed combing (she asks that one a lot). She honestly asked me for advice on a serious situation, I was caught so off guard I didn’t know what to say. And to be completely honest I didn’t have any advice for her either. It was one of the weirdest moments I’ve ever had with her, not bad weird, just completely different. I honestly never thought in my life my parents would see me as anything but their baby girl (and honestly I think Dad always will) there is a odd sense of sadness when your parents finally see you as an adult. Because at least in my mind they are the people you always know will see your youth, your insecurities, your flaws and inabilities. You can always be a kid with your parent, because that’s what you are to them, it’s ok to be silly, ask stupid questions, ect. I feel like I gained and lost something at the same time. I lost a Mommy and gained a confidant.

Enough of the boring, sappy, deep stuff.

Blasted: Still haven’t been able to set a date for the wedding.

Yippee: Get to go to Waco today and see my fantastic (you have no idea how great) friends!

Monday, October 31, 2005

This is me ENGAGED!!!!

This weekend Glenn and I went to Baylor for Homecoming! We got in and unloaded the car at Kristy’s and headed to dinner before going to the bonfire. Let me preface that Glenn was all dressed up and was I extremely annoyed. I wanted to wear jeans but knew we were going to be taking a lot of pictures and didn’t want to look funny next to him looking all fancy. We went to dinner and had a blast with friends we haven’t seen in awhile, thanks to these wonderful blogs we all knew what was going on in each others lives! We headed to the bonfire and we wandered around. Glenn suggested that we get up close to the bonfire so we could watch the pep rally and still be in a good spot for the bonfire. Then Glenn suggested that he could go get the mascot to take pictures with (Glenn used to mascot for Baylor and he knew the guy that was mascoting at the bonfire). I was so excited to get pictures with Brusier (name of the mascot). So Glenn left after the pep rally was over and they started to light the bonfire. Then I see Glenn and Bruiser coming toward us inside the barricade they had set up around the bonfire. I noticed that Brusier had something in his hand, I just figured it’d be t-shirts he was going to give away. Brusier came up to me and grabbed my hand and started pulling me toward the bonfire. I just thought he was doing a silly mascot thing. Then he faced me toward the crowd and handed me what he had. It was at that point that I realized what was happening. On the cover of the package was an envelope that said “open me”. Brusier pointed to it because I was frozen I couldn’t stop shaking! I opened the envelope and the card said “Brusier says read this.” I ripped open the package and found what I knew would be there a Bible with what will be my married name on it Jennifer E. Roush. I looked up and Glenn was on his knee and asked “Jennifer Elizabeth LeForce will you marry me.” I’m not sure at what point I said yes, but I did. I just grabbed Glenn and cried. He asked me if I wanted my ring and of course I said yes! It’s beautiful and absolutely perfect, he did a great job! All my friends were all in on it. And let me take a moment to say thanks to all of you who had a part in it, it was a perfect day that I will never forget. Glenn and I went onto Pigskin where I saw Alpha Chi perform and then we went back to Cheese’s and had a toast, a perfect end to a perfect day!

Yippee: I have a fabulous fiancé!
Blasted: So busy at work had not time to post that I was engaged

Friday, October 28, 2005

This is Baylor Homecoming!

I am so excited to be going to Waco for Homecoming 2005, and also so nice rest and relaxation and great times with friends! Glenn and I are driving down and going to the bonfire, then on to Pigskin (which I am very excited about my sorority made it in after 20 years of losing streaks!), then to the parade in the morning (which will be very chilly) but Glenn is insistent upon going I don’t know what his deal is, it’s like he was actually into the whole school spirit thing* ! Also I’m attending my college roommates wedding shower (cake is always exciting)! Glenn and I are staying with our lovely friends Kristy and Lee, they let us invade and mooch when we come into town! It’s gonna be a blast I predict much merry making and laughter.

On another note Rodi has to wear her collar for another week. She is a very sad puppy. So she’s having to travel to Waco with her collar. I’ve told her not to let the other puppies (Macie (Kristy’s shi tzu, Cosmo, Michelle’s cookapoo) comments hurt her feelings. And that sometimes other puppies say mean things and they don’t really mean it. Although Kristy has informed me that she’s going to tell Macie not to make fun of Rodi.

Yippee: To spending a green and gold weekend in Waco!
Blasted: Putting of doing laundry for far too long. (limited wardrobe)

*This is a joke in reference to the fact that Glenn was the Baylor Mascot while in school, until he was recruited to mascot for the Minnesota Timberwolves!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

This is Rodi's Collar

Rodi has been through so many ordeals … she’s had 12 teeth pulled, been subjected to many different antibiotics in many forms (in peanut butter, bread, straight though a syringe). And now she faces the battle of the skin infection. She’s been to the vet twice for this, once to be diagnosed and the other to check up and see if she needed more treatment. At the second one they told me she would have to have her chin shaved, in order to do this she’d have to be sedated. I was not thrilled (neither was she). So I took her in again for the procedure and when I picked her up I found out she was a very good girl and didn’t have to be sedated! She let the nurse shave her chin with no major incident. But she is now wearing a lovely new E-Collar! It is a clear, cone shaped collar to keep her from scratching her chin, because that’s part of the reason it won’t heal because she keeps scratching it! So when we got home she hated it. Mainly because when she walks she loves to keep her nose close to the ground, just in case she smells something extremely important, or something not important at all! But she can’t do that at all now because her collar will catch on the concrete. It’s quite sad, not to mention the fact she can’t scratch anymore. But we went to Target the other day and I found sticky rhinestones and decided Rodi’s collar needed some jazzing up! So I embellished a little, it’s fabulous! Hopefully she’ll be out of it by middle of next week. But until then she’s as sassy as she can be!

On a different note, Glenn and I went to the Fair and had a blast! We rode the swings and the ferris wheel. Glenn got his funnel cake and I got my Belgium waffle (at long last) it was perfection! It was a beautiful day and I couldn’t have asked for a better day with Glenn! We just had a great time watching all the people all around the fair. We debated riding the crazy rides but opted, wanting to keep our lives!

Yippee – For going to FireWheel shopping center on a beautiful Saturday!

Blasted – Rodi being depressed because she has to wear her cone :(

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

This is my lunch

So today I packed my lunch! Doesn’t seem like such a big deal but I never really packed a lunch except for on those rare occasions when my school would go of field trips. I was a cafeteria kinda girl. We have a cafeteria here at work, but buying lunch everyday starts to add up (I am aware that this is a very boring subject, my apologies). One of the main reasons that I brought my lunch was because my boss gave me a lunch bag yesterday that has our logo on it, I figured why not use it! So I had a salad with carrots I made a special vinegar and oil concoction last night that turned out to be wonderful. And of course string cheese (gotta get that dairy in). Yet, another reason for my sudden domesticness, I’m starting Weight Watchers again, mainly in sheer fear that I won’t fit into my bridesmaid dress for Michelle’s wedding in December! I’m counting down the days, possible hours, that it will take for me to become points obsessed. For those of you who have done WW or been around a person who has, knows this point. Your life is consumed with points, you can’t look at any possible portion of food without trying to calculate how many points it would cost you if you at it right then. You tell loved ones things they should and should not eat. You tell people you eat with, consult with other WW members at the table, it’s a ridiculous stage, but I will most likely reach it within a week. I chose a very bad time to start again seeing that Glenn and I will be traveling to the fair again this weekend and out of sheer guilt I won’t be able to eat anything. On a complete side note I’m thinking about attending a belly dancing class here in Dallas!

Blasted- Rodi had to go to the vet today so they can shave her chin as to completely clean the skin infection on her chin. She has to be sedated, and she’s gonna look really funny after today.

Yippee – I'm getting to go see the “Magic Flute” for my birthday (in Feb.)!

Monday, October 17, 2005

This is the Great State Fair

This weekend my friends from Waco came up and we all went to the Great State Fair of Texas! It was a good thing they had me there cause I’d gone earlier in the week with co-workers for a team building project for five hours so needless to say I knew my way around! Lee, Kristy, Molly and Steven came, I was very sad because Glenn wasn’t able to make it back from Waco in time to go with us. We parked and started our adventure; we did all sorts of things like played games (I won a rose and no telling how much money it took me to win it!) We all ate, Molly and Steven had corn dogs, the boys had turkey legs, Kristy and I had Slurpees what more could you ask for? Some of the highlights of our trip to the fair were the giant swings (my personal favorite) it just makes you feel like a kid again, you could see to downtown when you were on it! Then we went in one of the many fun houses! At first we thought we weren’t going to be allowed because there was a sign that said no open toe shoes (all the girls were wearing flip flops). But the carnette (my feminine version of carney) that was manning it said she had things to put over our feet (doesn’t that sound clean). So we donned these very interesting contraptions that were clear plastic that slipped over the front of our feet and elastic looped around the back (can you say ghetto, but who are we kidding this is the fair). We made our way through the fun house knocking into walls, almost falling over, playing dance dance revolution and then the finale! We walk up these stairs were we were instructed to sit on this bench when we sat down we could see that it was obviously the last part of the fun house. I didn’t know what was going to happen. The carney asked us if we knew what to do and as we were shaking our head no, he pulls a lever and the bench comes out from underneath us! So we are unexpectedly dropped onto this big conveyor belt that obviously ends very quickly. I start worrying that we are going to be dumped onto a hard surface, but when the belt ended and we all fell onto another soft conveyor belt! And finally we reached ground and assessed injuries. I had ended up racking Lee (sorry Lee) and Kristy ended up getting a nasty rug burn on her arm! While we did come out a little beaten up we got a big kick out of it! We kept walking around the fair and when it started to get dark we made our way to the Ferris wheel. We all enjoyed it (well, Steven did enjoy it as much). Then we stayed to watch the light show!

Afterwards we went to dinner at The Melting Pot, an absolutely wonderful fondue restaurant. I’d been there before but I don’t think everyone else had. We enjoyed and very good and very long meal (note to the wise: if you want to eat a full meal at a fondue restaurant block out at least 2 ½ hours). Kristy and I almost couldn’t contain ourselves when they brought out the cheese! We had our meal and then the dessert which was wonderful! All in all it was a great day with friends! We were all exhausted but it was worth it!

Blasted: To the cold I woke up with on Sunday.

Yippee: It’s a Monday I can’t really think of a Yippee.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

This me giving blood

Today I did my civic duty and gave blood ( I don’t know if that’s civic or not but oh well)! I filled up the bag in six minutes, beat that! I figure I don’t mind giving blood so why not do it? But I do however forget every time the part that I hate the most (other than the finger prick) when you start to give and they lay the tube over your wrist and you feel how warm you blood is … yuck, makes me sick at my stomach. So now I’m not able to bend my right arm completely because of the bright green bandage which makes many mundane tasks quite difficult (man I hope I never have to wear a cast). For a person who doesn’t mind blood I’ve had a couple of disturbing incidents due to giving blood…

On September 12, my friends and I headed to the closest place we could give, even Michelle agreed to go which was huge! And as a perk Kristy got interviewed by a news crew (she’s that cool). So we all get in the room filled with the chairs and all took the positions, if I remember correctly Kristy and I were next to each other. So the phlebotomist starts in on my arm and somehow I manage to squirt blood, not a huge amount mind you, but I squirted nonetheless. When my friends got done gagging we had a good laugh at it!

Then later in college I decided on a whim after class to give blood in a blood mobile. I filled up my bag and headed to the front to take a seat and eat some cookies. I was feeling pretty woosy and so I stood up, stepped up the two little stairs up to the level where all the stations where and said, “I feel….” I don’t remember anything after that. The next thing I know I’m laying on one of the bed and having water poured all over me! I’d fainted. The nurses kept looking at my forehead like I had a huge growth on it and I couldn’t figure out what was going on. As soon as the commotion of me fainting wore off the nurse told me when I fainted I whacked my head on the counter! So I just laid there for awhile. The girl next to me was about to be stuck, she was as white as a sheet, I’d just keeled over right in front of her. They sent me home told me I couldn’t ride my bike, so I got to walk it all the way home. They also told me that I might have a concussion; you can image how thrilled I was. And I’m walking through campus with a soaked T-shirt and wet hair, when I see my roommate giving a tour of campus (we were both tour guides at Baylor). So of course I yelled to her and her group that I’d just fainted in the Blood Mobile. She, I’m sure, was thrilled I was making a spectacle of myself! Hey I’d just hit my head, what do you expect!

So there you have it my bloody escapdes!

Yippee – I get to eat a hearty meal (Carter Blood Care is insisting on it).
Blasted – I also ate a hearty lunch, bad Jen (they were really good quesadillas, reminded me of Collins)

Monday, October 10, 2005

This is "Wicked"

Glenn and I went to see “Wicked” at the Music Hall at Fair Park (Texas State Fairgrounds) on Saturday! It was absolutely wonderful! The music was great, the costumes were so colorful and fun and the story was fantastically written. Glenn and I decided to go early to the fair seeing that our tickets to the musical got us in the fair for free. We walked around and enjoyed seeing all the food, games and general merry making (since all the UT fans left over from the UT/OU game were still partying it up). Glenn had a corny dog and I just opted for a couple of bites and a beverage, because it is my belief that you breathe grease at the fair, so there is no real need to ingest it (yuck)! But hey it’s the experience right? I'll be getting to experience the fair a lot this year, because I'm going on Thursday with work for "team building" and this coming weekend with my friends (YEA), and Glenn and I are probably going to go again. We really wanted to play the games but felt that the other patrons at the musical might not appreciate me holding a 4’ tall giraffe for 3 hours in front of them (that’s assuming we’d actually win something)! We did enjoy the car show. I love the new Muranos and the new RAV4s they look so different than they used to (my first car was a RAV4). Overall it was a great day! I had a blast! Then of course there was wicked which was a great end to a work-filled weekend! I liked Wicked so much I bought the hoodie, it’s awesome!

Yippee – For the frozen yogurt machine at work having “Southern Strawberry” be the flavor for the week! YUM

Blasted – It looks like I’m gonna be at work till 6.

Friday, October 07, 2005

This is me and my fabulous hair

So today I went and got my hair cut and colored at a salon in Dallas. I wish I had a picture to post but sadly I do not. Warren, my hairstylist and owner of the salon, is in probably his 50’s and was wearing a very lovely, skin-tight purple shirt. He had spiky, yet tasteful, hair so I felt ok having him take me under the knife! I was worried at the beginning because when I took my hair out of my ponytail… let me sidenote here. I naturally have dark brown hair, but over that past several years have managed to make my self into a semi-blond, this has wreaked havoc on my hair, so now you know… back to where I was… I took down my ponytail Warren reached out and picked up a piece of my hair in the back and made a terrible face and asked me what I wanted to do. So then I started worrying… holy crap, Jen your at a fancy schmancy salon in Uptown Dalas with crap for hair… quick think of something to say… “Fix my bad hair,” fix my bad hair, yep that was I could think of! As I was speaking he kind of threw my hair back at me like it was diseased or something. So I said I wanted to go darker, but keep some of my blond, but that I definitely wanted it to be warmer. Then I started to feel better as he pulled out the book with all the hair samples, and proceeded to stare at me for a good five minutes debating over what color should go on my hair, sporadically pulled at my hair so he could get a better look at my roots. He picked the colors and got to work, well I say work he sent his minion off to mix his color for him.

Warren was amazingly enough not gay, quite a pleasant surprise, not that I’m against gay men or their hair styling. It’s just that there has become a stereotype of male hairdressers in the past several years. But never fear there was a gay guy working there (I think your not considered a decent salon if you don’t have one). Warren actually drives Harley’s oddly enough, but still has that edgy feel. During the course of the two hours that I spent at this lovely salon I found our many interesting things about Warren. He owns a miniature Dachshund, loves to hunt, ride Harleys, was a Navy Seal, and his wife is a manager at Cartier! So needless to say he was very interesting to get to know! It was kind of a luxury getting my hair done at a fancy salon. All my hairdressers in the past have well not been high end. So it was really fabulous to get blown out by two people, well cool, but they each kept jerking my head in opposite directions. But when it was done I looked fabulous! It such a shame you can’t take those people with you, your hair never looks as good when you do it! Now I must say that I almost fell on the floor when I found out how much I owed this lovely little salon. But in the end it was worth to feel fabulous for a day (or at least a morning)!

Yippee- For my lovely new do

Blasted- I still have to work on Saturday

Thursday, October 06, 2005

This is me ranting and Happy Birthday Cheese

Today I feel like ranting, rambling, whatever you want to call it!

For the past two days I’ve had a Strawberries N’ Cream Slim Fast Shake for breakfast, I have come to conclude it could possibly be one of the worst things I’ve ever drank. It’s that really bad taste that makes you shiver as you swallow, yeah, it’s that bad! But I’ve sucked both of the down simply because I had nothing else to sustain me for the rest of the morning, other than the vast amount of candy strewn all over my desk, that my loving co-workers leave when I’m not here to object. So basically I spent the morning with a nasty taste in my mouth!

As a remedy to my lethargic state that I have had as of late, I’m taking up climbing the stairs at work. I know this isn’t running four miles everyday, but hey it’s something, I really must start working out.

So this weekend I will be traveling to the glamorous Waco for my friend, Kristy’s birthday(She is pictured above with me, she the one without braids in her hair, I had them because I'm super cool). Kristy, aka Cheese, is a great and wonderful friend, and I am very glad she was born, hence the birthday celebration. Kristy was my college apartment mate (because we did not share a room, my roomie was Michelle), we all lived in the same apartment for three years it was a blast. I have purchased a gift that I think she will enjoy greatly. Cheese is a great friend because she is an excellent listener and has been given the gift of discernment (with the exception of her overzealous love for cheese, but who wants discernment when cheese cubes are involved?). Because of this great gift she is very good at giving advice or straightening you out when you need it, which Michelle and I needed a lot of in college. But I have many great memories because of her friendship, we’ve laughed so hard we’ve cried, and together we tackled a mountain and forced Michelle to clean out the freezer! So here’s to Cheese! Happy Birthday!

Yippee: I get to see my friends this weekend to celebrate the birthday of Cheese!

Blasted: I have to work on Saturday, SATURDAY!

Monday, October 03, 2005

This is my weekend (at a glance)

My weekend had been a crazy one. It all started on Wednesday, I think it was, when my father called me at work. I work for the GuideStone Financial Resources and we make available insurance and retirement product to those that are in ministry work. Because of this I always joke that everyone I work with has either been a preacher, gone to seminary or went to Baylor! My father calls me to ask if I knew anyone at work that would be willing to come preach at our church on Sunday, because we are currently without a pastor! I joked with him that he should ask Glenn, my boyfriend (who happens to be a licensed minister). I was joking, my dad took me seriously! So he calls Glenn who had had a very busy week and his weekend was just as booked (literally with weddings and events he was DJing). But because I date an extremely nice guy, and the fact that he’s trying to win my father over so he’ll let us get married, he said yes! I was not exactly thrilled, I knew how worn out he’d be, and on top of it I couldn’t go because I’d promised my neighbor that I’d watch her dog over the weekend! But Glenn had made up his mind, he was going to OK, and he was gonna get to go to a football game too (OSU v CU). Well when my father finds out that I can’t come because I’m watching dogs all weekend, he does what any sensible father would do, he offers to pay to have the dogs boarded. Now I wasn’t about ready to knock on my neighbors door to see if she’d let me board her dog! Well I was feeling terrible that I wasn’t going to go to OK with Glenn, seeing as it was kinda my fault that he was going in the first place. So I call a boarder to see if they have room for Rodi Saturday and Sunday. I had planned on asking my neighbor if one of our other neighbor friends might be able to let the dog out. I get back to my place of Friday and my neighbor tells me she doesn’t need me to let the dog out because her plans had changed. So I started packing! We left at 7am on Saturday and headed up I-35 for Nash, OK, pop. 200! We make it to the football game in which OSU embarrassed themselves by not scoring a single point! But it was still fun nonetheless. We got home and Glenn started preparing to speak to a whopping congregation of 45 or so people! Well Sunday came and Glenn delivered an excellent sermon from the story in Numbers when the spies are sent into the Promised Land and all of them come back saying they can’t take the land, except for 2 spies, Caleb and Joshua. And they say that God promised us this land and we can take it. It was so good in fact he had several of the ladies in our church weeping, because as one of them put it, “It was exactly what our church needed to hear.” For sermon notes, ask Glenn. But needless to say it was very good and I was very proud of the man I love! He is an excellent speaker, and very genuine. From there we ate lunch and headed home. I love my hometown, my home, and I don’t miss the Oklahoma wind!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

This is me and my $#@%# dog!

So Rodi, my silky terrier who I love is trying my patience. If you’ve read my blog you know that when I adopted her I had to have 12 of her teeth pulled (yeah no fun for her)! So every since then she has felt tons better, her energy level has skyrocketed and you can just tell she’s happier! Oh yeah I forgot the biggest thing, she drools like crazy now! She doesn’t drool on you, you can just tell where she’s laid on the LoveSac cause there’s a big spot (comparatively to her four lbs body) of drool there. Well while brushing her last week I found a big mat underneath her chin, very common with silkys, because they have very fine hair that tangles easy. So Glenn and I decide to try and get this mat out. I’m armed with a tiny tooth comb, slicker brush, and a tiny pair of scissors (to trim away chunks of matted hair if need be). She hates people messing with her face, so this was a challenge. I finally start freeing some hair and she starts BLEEDING!!!!! So I’m think I’m the worst mom every, I just caused my dog to bleed. So I get a paper towel and start blotting her chin in hopes that it would get better, and it did. So we gave up. I took her to the vet yesterday and they tell me she has a skin infection (again, common in terriers, I think I picked the wrong breed). They said it is probably attributed to the extra drool.... great. So just when she gets off medicine from getting all her teeth pulled, she has to go on more medicine. But this time I have clean out the spot and put ointment on it, on top of having to give her antibiotics twice a day, which of course she hates! I think she was mad at me for all the medicine I made her take last night cause when I woke up this morning she’d peed on the carpet. She’s only done that once before right when she moved in, GRRRRR. So I thought I was getting a great deal cause I got Rodi for free, hasn’t exactly turned out to be the steal I thought it was. But when I found out her teeth had to be pulled I got a Wellness plan at PetsMart where her vet is, and I’ve already saved over $500 dollars because I’m on it, granted it costs money but those are great savings! Pretty crazy.

But on a fun note, I ordered some doggy tanks online for her to wear and they came yesterday! She was very cute in her hot pink tank top and across the top written in sparkles is “Daddy’s Girl”! It couldn’t be any more true.

Monday, September 19, 2005

This is me, my friends, and fake hair

So my friends came to visit me this weekend and got to see my apartment for the first time! They all live in Waco and I'm in Dallas. It was great we had such an awesome time. First off we went shopping in the West Village and got to feel (and look) fabulous. Cheese found a great pair of stilettos (think Carrie from "Sex and the City"). We then went to what is called the Sam Moon and I went into shock from purse overload. Although I did not buy any purses there but I did buy an overnight bag and much jewelry! Now onto the saga that is called fake hair. In one corner of Sam Moon there is a wall that looks like 50 porn stars exploded on it! It’s all fake hair! We all tried some on, it was so fun! I found a great piece that hung down to the middle of my back. And my friend Michelle, who is a Jessica Simpson look alike, found one that went all the way down her back! I decided to buy mine but Michelle opted out claiming she couldn’t because of her budget (who knows what that is?). I walked out of Sam Moon with a great toile bag and a lot more hair! We then went to Stonebriar Mall where we shopped and shopped till our feet could go no farther! Molly did find a great pair of stilettos at BeBe, bought them and immediately put them on. The matched her outfit, it’s not like she had a choice in the matter. But after several minutes of walking decided that maybe her flip flops were a better choice for the mall! Michelle after having nonbuyer’s remorse with her fake hair asked if we could go back and we did! Michelle and I donned our new found hair for dinner and we looked fabulous! We went to the West Village for gelato and sat out in the cool summer evening enjoying the guitarist that was set up on the sidewalk! I was sad when they left, we always manage to have such a good time when we are together! I am lucky to have friends that make me laugh till it hurts, listen when I need to talk, love me when I need loving, and most importantly encourage me to buy hair that make me look like a porn star!

Friday, September 16, 2005

This is me at my job

So Cheese (one of my close personal friends) was harrassing about how I'd not posted anything on my blog in a while! Well here you go Cheese, this ones for you. So I started at new job on the 6th of September. I work at Guidestone Financial Resources as a Communications Coordinator. I'm in the insurance marketing support group and it is crazy. Everyone that I work with is very nice, but man I' ve been busy. My last job I had tons of free time, not really the case here. I'm taking a break to post this blog. I basically get to work on different marketing materials that the insurance department sends out, oh yeah you wanna know about premiums, coinsurance, HIPAA, I got your answers right here! It's re-enrollment time here at Guidestone and that means it's very busy and everyone is pulling out their hair, yeah, great time to start a job. But it's nice and the days go by quicker cause I have lots to do. But I am very excited today because my wonderful friends are coming to visit me. They haven't seen my aptartment here in Dallas, there's really not that much to see because it's an efficiency, but I'm still excited! Oh and the whole shopping factor, that always brightens up a persons weekend! I brought my "Little Book of Stupid Questions" to work to lay on my desk for the massive amount of people that come and visit me (we're to a whopping two right now!). But in honor of the book I'll post a question.

If you could be invisible for one hour every day, what would you do during that hour?

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

This is my dog

Ths is my dog, Rodi, short for Rodent. She is a five year old 4lbs silky terrier who loves chicken and barking at rocks. Yes, barking at rocks. She will not play with any toy really, but give her a rock and she'll be entertained for hours! I adopted her from a family that could no longer keep her and I'm so glad I did. She's been a great little dog! But sad to say she likes Glenn more than me! She'll follow him anywhere! But I'll take being second on the list. This is a picture of her when I visited my family in Nash, OK, this Labor Day weekend. She enjoyed all the grass and all the rocks. But, today sadly I had to take her to the vet for a dental checkup. Her owners before me didn't really take care of her teeth. They had to remove 12 teeth, that's a lot considering how small she is. She's felt miserable all day, that is until she smelled the pizza we were eating for dinner and started begging (she's a table food junkie). She's on pain killers, but poor thing I feel so sorry for her.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

This is me with my boyfriend

One year, yesterday, that's how long we've been dating! And it has been a great year! Who would have thought I would have snagged a baylor guy!!! But miracles do happen. A year ago yesterday I started dating this wonderful man, I couldn't be any luckier! Thanks, babe for a great year! I hope there are many more to come!

Monday, August 15, 2005

This is me

My name is Jennifer and I am a journal addict (hey the first step is admitting you have a problem). There is nothing more exciting to me than to flip though empty journals at bookstores. There is something so absolutely wonderful about an empty journal they have such great potential. My blog was inspired by my very good friend Kristy Davis Boyd, who also has a blog I have been inspired to try this blog thing out for awhile.

This is me and my friends

These are my friends. They are the best people in the world, ok well I might be biased. We went on a cruise before we graduated from college (5 girls in one cabin on a cruise ship, it was very interesting). This is us in Costa Maya(L-R Kristy, Molly, Lindsay, Me, Michelle)! We didn't get to go to any ruins, but we figured getting our picture with "faux ruins" would be just as good. I hope that everyone in the world gets a friend like these girls, most people only get one in their lives, I got four, and I couldn't be any more blessed.

This is me in Venice, Italy! One of the most wonderful places on earth. Posted by Picasa