Friday, August 18, 2006

This is my apology

So I know I haven’t blogged in a while and I’m a terrible person for it. Feel free to call me names! Life has been a bit on the crazy side lately with only 50 days to go till the wedding not only and I walking talking wedding maniac, its exploded all over my apartment, and sadly Glenn’s as well! We had our first shower the other day and it was a blast. Glenn’s mom and sister threw it for me and they were so nice and everyone there was so sweet and generous. Glenn’s apartment is the holding tank for wedding gifts! We mailed out invited on Monday of this week and again his apartment was sacrificed for the wedding and we stuffed and addressed all of the invites (with a only a medium amount of tears shed… long story I’m an idiot and messed up a lot of our invites… I had a breakdown… but I’m ok now though). But now that they are out of my hair I’m definitely breathing a little easier! I got my dress altered and pick it up tomorrow, which is thoroughly exciting! My alterations lady is amazing! Please if you know of anyone in Dallas that needs a wedding dress altered let me give them Becky’s info!

Along with the wedding we are dealing with another major life event of building our house! It’s exciting and it’s going up so fast I can’t even describe to you how quickly they are building this thing! We have brick, cabinets, countertops, light fixtures, our AC unit, and more. Seems to me the only things they have left to do are lay the carpet and put in finishing touches… well and lay the sod… that should be fun in our Stage 3 water restrictions (just to give you an idea Stage 5 you can’t water, period.) So we are hoping the best for our sod. Funny the things that become important to you as you grow up… like sod! We went and looked at it last night and for the first time weren’t able to get in and look around, guess that’s for the best we don’t want anybody stealing any of our stuff (although it really miffed Glenn that we couldn’t get in)!

Yippee – My friends are coming into town and I get to go pick up my dress!!!
Blasted – I didn’t work out nearly enough this week boooo.