Friday, July 20, 2007

This is Jennifer - remember me????

Sooo I’ve been gone for a long time …. I know I’m a terrible blogger and I’m very sorry. I’ve faced the consequences of being gone for as long as I have… such as my good friend Kristy took me off her blog link list on her blog…. I was truly shamed but don’t blame her in any way, it’s my fault completely. So to catch you up on what’s been going on in my life for the past 8 – 9 months!

- Glenn and I join Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church in Allen, Texas

- I travel with several coworkers to DISNEYLAND for a big conference (gotta love an employer that will send you to the happiest place in the world!)

- I find out my great friend Michelle is pregnant and we’ll be meeting a baby in July!!!!

- Merry Christmas to the Roushes – Glenn got a really big TV!!! (so come over and watch it, you know you want to!)

- Day after Christmas – I find another great friend Kristy is having a baby and we’ll be meeting this one in August!!!

- Glenn offers up our home for Disciple Now! And about a minute later our youth leaders see us for the suckers we are and assign us the Jr. and Sr. guy! Sheesh!

- Glenn travels to Austin with friends Cratin and Terrell to try out for VH1’s Pop Culture Tournament – love em, but they didn’t get very far!

- Disciple Now came and went with no major damage to our home and we really got to know the kids in the youth group and love em!

- Glenn is accepted into the Masters program at University of Texas at Dallas.

- Went to Philly with co-worker Jennifer for American Marketing Association training!!! And had a blast and got to experience my first Philly Cheesesteak (sadly I wasn’t that impressed).

- Find out from my dentist I have 7 (count 'em) 7 cavities!!!!!!! sheesh!

- Molly and I threw a joint baby shower for Michelle and Kristy in Waco – soooo much fun!!!!

- Traveled with our youth group to Gulf Shores, Alabama to sponsor youth camp! Gotta love camp on the beach! What a wonderful experience!

- Counting down to meeting Kayleigh and Price (the above mentioned babies)!!!!

I will try my best to start posting more…. My life will start to get interesting seeing that I’m going to be an “Aunt” twice over this summer!!!!!

Yippee: we are having a BBQ at our place this weekend for the College ministry at Cottonwood!

Blasted: This I have a headache :(