Tuesday, February 07, 2006

This is 100 Things I love - Inspired by Kristy

Things that I love :

1. my fiancĂ© – he’s the best and greatest!
2. my crazy dog, Rodi
3. my friends
4. my very comfy lovesac
5. Glenn and I’s new furniture, it’s huge!
6. shopping for my dog, yes you heard, my dog
7. paper clips
8. the wall in my apartment that’s covered with pictures that I’ve taken all over the world of gates
9. “Out of Practice”
10. Ballroom dancing, I can’t do it but I love watching it!
11. that I met a best friend in my college roommate, Michelle
12. the sound of leaves crunching under my feet
13. the way my friends accept me, even though I’m from Oklahoma
14. all of my friends puppies Macie, Cosmo, and Dakota
15. a good margarita
16. weekend getaways to Waco
17. free room and board for above mentioned getaways, I’m pretty sure Glenn and I owe Lee and Kristy our firstborn
18. going to the movies, with friends or alone!
19. journals and journaling – I’ve got more of them than I know what to do with
20. PostSecret, the website and the book!
21. getting every other Friday off, thank you GuideStone!
22. the southern strawberry/double fudge frozen yogurt in our cafeteria at work, that’s right they give us frozen yogurt too!
23. my engagement ring, Glenn couldn’t have chosen a more perfect one if he tried!
24. my dog back home, Duke the 5th, he’s a collie
25. my home in Oklahoma, not many people can say they grew up in a log house!
26. Where everybody knows my name, Nash, OK population 200ish
27. Cruises, especially when they’re with friends “What happens in Mexico, stays in the Mississippi Delta” – Linday
28. Lindsay and all her fabulousness, she the most hip person I know!
29. changing my hair color and style
30. Chuy’s!!!
31. Eskimo Joe’s plastic cups
32. the way my dad still calls me “shug”
33. Falling asleep watching TV
34. Netflix, you really can’t beat it!
35. theknot.com I’m ridiculously addicted
36. scary movies
37. reading fiction
38. the fact that I have friends great enough to tell me when I’m an idiot, this is mainly Kristy cause she’s just brutally honest, everybody needs a friend like that!
39. those black and silver butterfly, flippy clip things that you use instead of paper clips
40. pictures of my friends and family
41. the theatre, plays, operas, symphony (I know it doesn’t fall under the theatre category but I’m putting it here)
42. wakeboarding - but I’m terrible
43. Baylor
44. inflatables (especially Inflatables of Texas)
45. rap music (I know it’s terrible)
46. Dancing
47. Purses, purses, purses
48. Traveling
49. Toffifay candy – yum
50. blogging
51. the 9108 even though I don’t live there anymore
52. my mom’s cooking
53. my nephews and their craziness!
54. all 448 sq ft of my apartment, efficiencies are great - biggest utility bill so far - $54!
55. Glenn all dressed up in a suit he looks so sharp!
56. the fact that Molly will get engrossed in any magazine you put in front of her
57. how Glenn puts my name in every song on the radio
58. how excited Rodi is when I get home from work and does the happy dance

59. rollercoasters, but not the ship ones, those make me sickly
60. facebook!!!
61. my coworkers, they can find humor in the most stressful times
62. jump drives – what a great invention
63. my painted ceramic frog from our cruise senior year, he holds my bobby pins very nicely
64. having a friend to talk online to all day – it’s great to say good morning to Cheese everyday!
65. being tan
66. shopping with my mom, I consider myself lucky to be a girl who likes this activity
67. Thanksgiving at my house, 36 people in one house, it’s crazy but it’s fun
68. my car, she’s fast, but not anymore, speeding tickets are bad things, it took me awhile to figure that one out
69. my plant at work that was passed onto me by a coworker, her name is Jean, the plant, not the coworker
70. tropical places
71. the fact that I can get a massage at work
72. Diet Dr. Pepper
73. that Glenn and I are going to get married at Baylor – Sic ‘Em Bears
74. Chipolte --- ummm burritos
75. tracking points on Weight Watchers – weird I know but it’s fun, we’ll not talk about how many points Chipolte is
76. throwing parties
77. Northpark Mall
78. Museums
79. Italy – I’d live there if I could
80. learning, cheesy I know, but I do enjoy it
81. Rodi and her obsession with rocks, any rock really
82. cleaning, I love the feeling when I’m done, it’s one of the few things that I can do and actually lose track of time
83. lazy weekends, when you get nothing done
84. productive weekends when everything gets checked off your to do list
85. that my parents are absolutely kooky
86. filing stuff away
87. the smell of citrus cleaning stuff
88. cheese, with just about anything
89. arranging flowers, I’d do it for a living if I could make money at it
90. filling out my day planner
91. poetry
92. movies that make me cry, give me about 10 mins into “A Walk to Remember” and I’m a goner
93. frozen grapes and frozen green peas, they make great snacks
94. the tini tiny bows I got to put in Rodi’s hair, she has enough hair to put in it but it just sticks straight up!
95. the DVR!!!
96. driving with my sunroof open
97. swimming
98. Belgium waffles – the one’s at the state fair are to die for
99. holding Glenn’s hand
100. that when all of my friends get together we never have a bad time!

With all the Things I love today I'm suspending my Yippee and Blasted!