Tuesday, June 06, 2006

This is "an alternative to lame furniture"

Ok I have to admit that’s LoveSac's slogan, not mine. But I truly believe it! When I moved up to Dallas a little over a year ago (how weird is that – someone asked me the other day how long I’d been up here and it was the first time I realized an entire year had passed – crazy!) I originally lived with my brother and sister-in-law (thank you) but then moved onto my absolutely lovely apartment. It’s small but I love it. I didn’t own much so I didn’t need a lot of space. I didn’t own a lick of furniture so I decided to be a grown up a purchase some! Now I didn’t want a couch, my apartment would get cluttered if I put a couch in it, but I wanted something more than one person could sit on. I’m not sure where I stumbled onto the LoveSac idea but I did. For those of you that don’t know what a LoveSac is it’s an oversized bean bag (but they’ll tell you on their website not to call it that, because it’s oh so much more!) It doesn’t have the traditional Styrofoam beads that you and your friends would some how manage to get everywhere. It actually has shredded DuraFoam in it so it never really deflates, all you have to do is fluff it every now and then. So I go to the LoveSac store and find the one I want, it’s the "SuperSac" it’s 6’ wide and can seat up to 3 people (or at least that’s how big it is when you get it fluffed up). You see it comes to you shrunken down with all the air sucked out of it and mine was a 3’x 4’ cube and weighed about 80 pounds! Breaking the foam apart and fluffing it was a task for one person but I got my workout for the day – and my first piece furniture! I would also have to say my favorite piece of furniture I think I'll ever own!

Well now Glenn and I are building a house in Allen and we have a gameroom where we are putting a TV and my LoveSac. We had always talked about getting another LoveSac but never really did anything about it till the other day. We dropped by a store to see if they had any sales going on, they did, but not enough of one to justify buying another one! So of course being the resourceful people we are we checked Craigslist (online garage sale – super cool)! And low and behold we found a LoveSac just like we wanted for an insane price and the people had only had it for 4 months! The guy that sold it to us said it was “The Big One” which is 8’ wide, but after getting it home we’re not quite sure it isn’t the "SuperSac," doesn’t matter though it was a steal! So now Glenn has a LoveSac residing at his apartment, although it is naked. We had to take it’s cover off because it got some grease on it’s ride home. It took up the entire bed of Glenn’s truck! So I’m going to have to wash it, but it’s a small price to pay for the steal we made!

Yippee: To the awesome new LoveSac!
Blasted: It’s only Tuesday and I’m ready for the weekend.