Sunday, December 21, 2008

This is Disney... Day 2

On Day 2 we headed out for Hollywood Studios (MGM - don't ask me why it's not MGM anymore - i didn't ask). We ended our day at the Magic Kingdom for some Extra Magic Hours.

It was the year he was born so he obviously had to take a picture.

Right after the FIRST time we road the Rockin' Roller Coaster

My second most favorite ride in all of Disney (my fav is Everest Expedition - pics to come!)

Watch out it's the Baylor Storm Trooper

Careful Indy look out for that boulder!!!!!!

Crazy explosion at the stunt show!

The Osborne Family Festival of Lights - or in other works ridiculously amazing!!!! Over 5 million lights! And to think this guy had it all up at his HOME!!!!!

You probably can't tell from the pic but it's "snowing"!

Fantasmic - yet another amazing Disneyworld experience. It's a laser and light show which might seem weird at first but they project images onto mist (above) and it's crazy!!!!

Watch out Mickey has a flame throwing sword!

Cinderella's Castle

This is DISNEY!!!!

We had a great time at Disney I've got a toooonnnn of pictures so here are a sampling from our first day at the happiest place on earth!!!!!!!!

Checking into Pop Century!

Gotta love Christmas in Disney

Ahhhh Venice.... well not exactly but pretty close! :)

Gotta love it when you end up with a cool picture when you totally don't mean to! :)

This guy is what's it's all about!

Gettin me some chipmunk love ;)

Yippee - Three day work week this week!!!!
Blasted - been eating waaayyy to much thanks to the holidays

Saturday, December 06, 2008

This is Jack and Jen

Today I got to take some pics for one of my best friends and her beau, Jack! I meet Jennifer when I first started working at GuideStone. She was on my team - and she already had "Jennifer" claimed - so I had to be "Jen" as to avoid confusion. Not that it mattered that much - for the most part we started getting referred to as "the Jens." We've gotten to do some traveling for conferences and such and we've always had such a great time! When I started my new position in January I had to move to a different floor than Jen and it made me so sad :( Thankfully we have lunch once a week and it keeps me sane! :) We've become great friends over these past several years and seeing her and Jack together and so happy makes me go all mushy inside!

We meet up in Downtown Mckinney for some fun pics.

Yippee - to going to Disney tomorrow!!!!
Blasted - I'm totally not going to be able to sleep - I'm soooo excited!

Monday, December 01, 2008

This is Duke the Fifth!

My parents have had collies since before I was born. They're always named Duke - not sure who came up with the name or why - but it obviously stuck! Well meet the newest member of the LeForce crew Duke the Fifth!

Uggg 10 week old puppies are the cutest!!!!

yippee - less than a week till Disney World!!!!
blasted - to accidentally putting laundry detergent in the fabric softener side of the washer - shesh!