Thursday, April 20, 2006

This is Law and Order

Note: Glenn’s dad is doing very well after his surgery, other than the normal pain and discomfort associated with open heart surgery. Thank all of you for your prayers and thoughts during this time. Glenn and I appreciate it greatly!

Well I went to court today for my trial by jury, yes you heard it friends, trial by jury. See this all started back in May ’05 when I got a speeding ticket in a school zone 32 in a 20. See it was my second or third day to my new job and I was completely oblivious to the fact that I was driving through a school zone, on top of the fact they didn’t have the flashy lights and the sign was partially covered by a tree limb, and this school looks like an abandoned warehouse thank you DISD (these are not excuses I’m guilty there’s no question about that) I’m just trying to explain why I got the ticket. So the cop told me that I could take defensive driving. So I fill out all the forms and copy my drivers license and send in my big fat administrative check to the city of Dallas. Well I get my approval letter to take defensive driving but it states on this letter that if you have a Commercial Driver’s License you cannot take defensive driving. Well you see I have a CDL because I’m the cool kid that gave tours of Baylor in the 26 passenger bus (that you need a CDL to drive!). I call the city of Dallas to ask them what I should do, the immediate response, “Oh we made a mistake, you have to go to court now.” Wait I have to go to court because you made a mistake, ridiculous. So I ask my lawyer brother who I should get to defend me in court, he say Giofreddi, sounds like the mob, huh? Ok so I get Giofreddi and they see that my court date is in December and they inform me that they’ll be requesting a trial by jury, so my new court date was today, 11 months from when I got the ticket!

So I got to court this morning leary about what’s about to happen the only instructions I have are to say “Here your Honor” when they call my name. I walk into the courthouse and find Court #7 and find a seat in the very overcrowded courtroom. Ok they called my name I said I was there, then the judge says “We will go into recess, if you have an attorney this would be a good time to consult with them.” Sidenote: the one redeeming thing about court was that the judge was quite entertaining, very nice guy, or at least he seemed that way. He kept cracking jokes, hey at least that part was enjoyable. Ok looking around no attorney, there are attorney’s coming in calling people’s names mine isn’t called. The girl sitting next to me has the same attorney we’re both clueless. Finally he shows up and askes me into the hall. Let me explain this guy to you. Tall balding, oh yes and a long grey ponytail! I explain my situation to him about the CDL and why I have it and that I got rid of it as soon as I got the ticket. Oddly enough he’s a Baylor grad and asks about what type of tours I gave, always nice to have a fellow bear on your side. He explains to me that because I have a regular driver’s license now (court date) I can take defensive driving, that it didn’t matter that I had a CDL when I got pulled over. So that’s great news!!! So off to defensive driving I go!

Yippee: We got our engagement pictures booked!
Blasted: I worked out last night and I’m really sore today.