Monday, April 21, 2008

This is why my middle name is Grace

So not only did I manage to dead leg myself this weekend getting ready for my last big Junior League event of the year, I also managed to seriously bruise my knee.

So my very sweet hubby went with me to Northpark Mall this Sunday because I had a coupon for a store I like! We’re walking around and we turn to walk across one of the walkways that connects each side (we were on the second level). I noticed a store I’d never seen before that was behind me. I pointed it out to Glenn and mid “how do you think you pronounce that” I basically reverse clotheslined myself by running full speed directly into a solid wooden bench with my kneecap. I limped the rest of the day – because I’m that kid that doesn’t look where they’re going.

Yippee: I worked out even with a bruised knee.

Blasted: Glenn’s in class tonight and I’m all alone.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

This is what peer pressure will do

So if you follow my blog you’ve read about my recent admission of my addiction to Hot Tamales. Well the other day I decided that I was going to swear off candy till our trip to Mexico in May (I briefly thought about adding soda to this list but soon realized that’s next to impossible).

Today I was faced with my temptation head on. I had a meeting in the conference room that has the fish bowl FULL of Hot Tamales. I had gone in early to boot up the computer and my boss comes in and grabs a cupful of Hot Tamales and proceeds to enjoy their cinnamony goodness. I shared with him that I was going to cave to my promise to myself and indulge in some as well. He told me emphatically “No!” and proceeded to walk over to the trash can and throw his cup of Hot Tamales away. It was like watching horror movie in slow motion. :( I begged him to eat his and he said he wasn’t going to be party to lack of self control! It was heartbreaking – I’d been thinking about them all day! So I couldn’t justify getting any if he denied them himself. So thanks Chris!

Yippee – to not breaking my promise
Blasted – I’m sooo hungry (thanks Weight Watchers!)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

This is what growing up in Oklahoma will do to you...

I grew up in Tornado Alley. Tornadoes were common place in Oklahoma’s springtime. As typical as April showers! I grew up in an area where when the average resident saw a tornado warning on TV they'd run into their front lawn to look for it! I always had a healthy dose of respect for tornadoes, mostly because from a young age I’d seen the destruction they could create. But I wasn’t ever really scared of them – cause when you’re a kid you’re pretty much invincible – remember what that was like.

That and the home I grew up in had a basement – it’s where my brothers' and my rooms were. And the room I grew up in just happened to be our storm shelter. Now that probably seems a bit odd – but it really wasn’t. My dad designed our house and he created one of the rooms to serve as a storm shelter as well – it looks like all the other rooms – it just has cement walls and ceiling and a storm door (it looks like normal door). You see the beauty of this is I never had to worry if a storm blew through – I’d be safe. I can count on one hand how many times people actually had to join me in my room - and one of those did end up in a tornado that, thankfully, missed our house – but not our grain elevators.

Now that I’ve moved to Texas, where basements are a rarity, it’s a completely different story. Granted I’m still not scared of tornadoes – but the healthy dose of respect has been heightened a bit. When the spring came I began to wonder if we had a tornado siren close to us and if it was loud enough to wake us up. I wondered where the best place to go in our house would be (it’s our under the stairs closet by the way). I had thought through in my mind what we should do in case a storm came.

Well last night we got to test that plan out!

At about 3:45 I was woken up to the tornado siren, so I guess that answers my question about it! I woke up Glenn to ask him if thought it was the tornado siren – and he confirmed it was. I looked out the window and it was perfectly calm (something which is never a good sign). I threw on a robe and went downstairs flipped on the tv and saw the meteorologist showing the radar with a storm line full of red coming right towards us. In that lovely storm line there was a lot of circulation over our city a couple of miles away. Then the power went out. So I went and got Glenn and we cleared out the closet and climbed in.

The storm loudly blew over without real incident –at least to our house. When the storm was about 5-7 miles away (I used the whole – count the seconds between thunderclap and lightning – every second is a mile) we headed back upstairs with no power – and woke up with no power. And friends let me tell you there is an art to putting makeup on by candlelight!

And now for the after school special brought to you by the girl brought up in Tornado Alley.

Checklist for storm/tornado preparedness:

  • Always know where you are going to “hunker down”
  • Your hunker down spot should be your basement or, if there is no basement, a center hallway, bathroom, or closet on the lowest floor.
  • Always and candles/flashlight in case your power fails
  • Always have a battery powered radio so you can follow the storm in case your power fails and you can’t watch the meteorologist on the TV
  • Keep that radio where you hunker down – when seconds count you don’t need to be hunting for a radio.
  • Always have stuff to cover you a mattress, blankets, pillows – something is better than nothing when it comes to deflecting debris!
  • It’s probably a good idea to throw on some tennis shoes before you go to your hunker down area – because, God forbid, your house is damaged and there is debris everywhere you have something to protect your feet!

Yes I know you all think I'm a huge dork for listing stuff out like this - but it's important to remember.

Yippee - To no damage in our neighborhood!
Blasted -To getting a really awful night of sleep :(

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

This is the beginning to an end

But it’s a good thing!

First things first: CONGRATULATIONS MOLLY!!!

One of my best friends from college got engaged this past weekend – to a great guy! There were several of us that were really close in college and Molly is the last to get married – and we are sooo happy for her! So it’s the end to an era – but it was a super fabulous era. And we’re just starting to work on an era that will be even better, an era strewn with diapers and formula!

And now for my favorite picture of Molly EVER!

Yippee – For wedding bells!!!

Blasted - I don’t get to hug on her for two more weeks – booooo.

This is a first

Here’s some background and let me preface with – I adore my mother – she’s great (even though she did torture me with the History Channel growing up.)

When I was at Baylor my freshman year is when this all started. My mom would call me and let me know about a very interesting show on Book TV (yes it exists – it’s a CSPAN channel), the History Channel, PBS – the list goes on. That she thought I might be interested in. These little bits of information might have been helpful
a: had I had cable my first semester in college and
b: if she hadn’t been calling at 9am on a Saturdays! ☺

I still get these calls with helpful information about TV shows that might be on. Every now and then I’ll get an email. But the other night my mom called to let me know about a Bette Davis film was on Turner Classic Movies called “All About Eve” – and you know what I actually turned it on and watched it. Glenn was DJing an event that evening – so I had the remote all to myself. It was a good classic black and white film. Bette had apparently won an Oscar for her performance.

Thanks Mom!

Yippee – to having a Mom who still wants to broaden her children’s horizons
Blasted – not being able to figure out what to do about my photo editing software.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

This is where we’re going…

In May

In December

Right now Glenn and I are focusing on doing a lot of traveling over the next several years. We are excited to get started with year when we went to Vegas! Our next stop Cancun, Mexico at the Riu Palace Las Americas in May!!! Then in December we head to Disney World to enjoy all of it’s Christmasy goodness! Glenn has never been to either place and we are both totally stoked about going. We are trying to decide whether to road trip in September or not???

Places we want to go over the next several years (in no particular order):
Italy (ok this one’s in order – I absolutely LOVE it)
Cruise the Mediterranean
Washington D.C.
New York

And that just to name a few! We’ll see if we get it all done!!

Yippee – This is my Friday off!!!!!!!!!!!
Blasted – I still have a lot of stuff to do (read: laundry)!