Thursday, February 28, 2008

This is what a great vacation looks like!

So Glenn and I headed out for Vegas early Thursday morning!  We had an easy trip, when we arrived we went to the Excalibur and checked our bags and set out to see the sights!  We had a blast walking the strip and seeing all the people!  By the time we made it all the way back to our hotel from our sightseeing walk we decided to go get our rental car, which ended up being this cute red Chevy Cobalt.  We took a crazy long nap and headed out for more people watching!
The next day we kinda just bummed around till our HELICOPTER RIDE!!!  That's right you read correctly - Glenn booked a helicopter ride for us - it was unreal!  I loved it.  Next time we're there we want to take the Grand Canyon helicopter tour.  Oh yeah on on this day we also saw the people from Little People, Big World - pretty cool huh! 
On Saturday the big event was Cirque de Soliel Mystere - which was awesome.  I can't wait to see another Cirque show - the things they do are indescribable!  

For more a detailed breakdown of our trip Glenn did extensive blogging about it!   

Blasted: For getting really crappy sleep this week. :(
Yippee: I get to see my friends this week!  And I get to see SING!!!! Rockin!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

This is a great Valentine's Day present!!!!!!!

Well this Valentine’s Day was a blast. Glenn had left me cards around the house that were so sweet – and Rodi was kind enough to purchase a card for me as well! Glenn and I had been teasing each other that he had gotten me a puppy for Valentines day and that was the running joke (spoiler – it wasn’t a puppy!). Well he’d given me a card to open at work and it had musical notes on the envelope so I knew it was going to sing to me – it was super cute it sang Johnny Cash’s “Burning Ring of Fire.” Glenn said that he didn’t want to give me my present until that night so he could see my face. So when I got home I was anxious to find out what it was.

I was surprised and a little confused when he handed me another musical card. When I pulled it out it had two people sitting in the cockpit of a plane! When I opened it – it made the sound of an airplane taking off – and Glenn had written “you’ll be hearing this in a week” on the inside of the card! He looked at me with this great big smile and told me we were headed to Vegas next week!!! He’d arranged everything, including getting with my boss to make sure I could take Thursday off!

It was a fantastic Valentine’s day and a great present! I can’t wait, I’ve never been to Vegas and I’m looking forward to seeing the sights and going to a couple of shows!

Yippee – I get to go to Vegas!!!

Blasted – I have to wait a week :(