Wednesday, October 25, 2006

This is the abridged version

Well so much has happened since I last blogged…. I think it should just be assumed that I have to apologize at the beginning of every blog because well… I’m not a very good blogger. But here goes …..

So I’M MARRIED!!!! I got married on October 7th and it was perfect and sooo much fun I can’t even begin to describe! Being married has been absolutely great. If you want to see the wedding pictures just go to and log in or register and search for Jennifer and Glen. It was so much fun to be around all my friend and family. I can’t wait to see the video so I can see the whole ceremony from beginning to finish! And I finally got to have a Dr. Pepper float at the reception, this was probably my favorite part about the reception!

We are officially homeowners! What a big step and how scary it is to have a mortgage, but really fun to do whatever you want to your house and not have to worry about getting your deposit back! We are living in Allen, Texas and it has been a blast so far, we have some awesome neighbors that have been a godsend. We are having fun painting and decorating! Although it’s amazing how long it takes to get settled, because everything has to find its place in your house and you’d be surprised how long it takes. Not to mention just getting everything put away take FOREVER. Or at least it feels like that by the time you get home from work you don’t have time to do much. Because you see with my new fabulous home and I have a new fabulous commute. I get up at 5:45 – yep you heard it 5:45 leave the house around 6:20 and get to work between 6:50 and 7:30 depending on traffic. Now this means that I have to start getting ready for bed around 9 in order to get into bed by 10 and hopefully fall asleep by 10:30. I usually get home between 6 and 7 so that gives me roughly 2 to 3 hours of free time a day… wow being an adult is not as fun as it looks in the movies :( But I am lucky to work at a place where I get every other Friday off, so I’ll let it slide.

Glenn (that would be my husband – I can say that now) is enjoying opening up a new bank branch in McKinney – which has lead him to discover downtown McKinney (ladies it’s the coolest – lots of little shops and restaurants – in a word, fantastic) so I can’t wait till everything is in the house and settled (and I don’t feel guilty for shopping while I should be working on the house) and I can take a day to check it all out.

Blasted: This is the Friday I have to work.
Yippee: I’m going to have my first house guest the 2nd weekend in November, and I couldn’t be any more excited!

Friday, August 18, 2006

This is my apology

So I know I haven’t blogged in a while and I’m a terrible person for it. Feel free to call me names! Life has been a bit on the crazy side lately with only 50 days to go till the wedding not only and I walking talking wedding maniac, its exploded all over my apartment, and sadly Glenn’s as well! We had our first shower the other day and it was a blast. Glenn’s mom and sister threw it for me and they were so nice and everyone there was so sweet and generous. Glenn’s apartment is the holding tank for wedding gifts! We mailed out invited on Monday of this week and again his apartment was sacrificed for the wedding and we stuffed and addressed all of the invites (with a only a medium amount of tears shed… long story I’m an idiot and messed up a lot of our invites… I had a breakdown… but I’m ok now though). But now that they are out of my hair I’m definitely breathing a little easier! I got my dress altered and pick it up tomorrow, which is thoroughly exciting! My alterations lady is amazing! Please if you know of anyone in Dallas that needs a wedding dress altered let me give them Becky’s info!

Along with the wedding we are dealing with another major life event of building our house! It’s exciting and it’s going up so fast I can’t even describe to you how quickly they are building this thing! We have brick, cabinets, countertops, light fixtures, our AC unit, and more. Seems to me the only things they have left to do are lay the carpet and put in finishing touches… well and lay the sod… that should be fun in our Stage 3 water restrictions (just to give you an idea Stage 5 you can’t water, period.) So we are hoping the best for our sod. Funny the things that become important to you as you grow up… like sod! We went and looked at it last night and for the first time weren’t able to get in and look around, guess that’s for the best we don’t want anybody stealing any of our stuff (although it really miffed Glenn that we couldn’t get in)!

Yippee – My friends are coming into town and I get to go pick up my dress!!!
Blasted – I didn’t work out nearly enough this week boooo.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

This is "an alternative to lame furniture"

Ok I have to admit that’s LoveSac's slogan, not mine. But I truly believe it! When I moved up to Dallas a little over a year ago (how weird is that – someone asked me the other day how long I’d been up here and it was the first time I realized an entire year had passed – crazy!) I originally lived with my brother and sister-in-law (thank you) but then moved onto my absolutely lovely apartment. It’s small but I love it. I didn’t own much so I didn’t need a lot of space. I didn’t own a lick of furniture so I decided to be a grown up a purchase some! Now I didn’t want a couch, my apartment would get cluttered if I put a couch in it, but I wanted something more than one person could sit on. I’m not sure where I stumbled onto the LoveSac idea but I did. For those of you that don’t know what a LoveSac is it’s an oversized bean bag (but they’ll tell you on their website not to call it that, because it’s oh so much more!) It doesn’t have the traditional Styrofoam beads that you and your friends would some how manage to get everywhere. It actually has shredded DuraFoam in it so it never really deflates, all you have to do is fluff it every now and then. So I go to the LoveSac store and find the one I want, it’s the "SuperSac" it’s 6’ wide and can seat up to 3 people (or at least that’s how big it is when you get it fluffed up). You see it comes to you shrunken down with all the air sucked out of it and mine was a 3’x 4’ cube and weighed about 80 pounds! Breaking the foam apart and fluffing it was a task for one person but I got my workout for the day – and my first piece furniture! I would also have to say my favorite piece of furniture I think I'll ever own!

Well now Glenn and I are building a house in Allen and we have a gameroom where we are putting a TV and my LoveSac. We had always talked about getting another LoveSac but never really did anything about it till the other day. We dropped by a store to see if they had any sales going on, they did, but not enough of one to justify buying another one! So of course being the resourceful people we are we checked Craigslist (online garage sale – super cool)! And low and behold we found a LoveSac just like we wanted for an insane price and the people had only had it for 4 months! The guy that sold it to us said it was “The Big One” which is 8’ wide, but after getting it home we’re not quite sure it isn’t the "SuperSac," doesn’t matter though it was a steal! So now Glenn has a LoveSac residing at his apartment, although it is naked. We had to take it’s cover off because it got some grease on it’s ride home. It took up the entire bed of Glenn’s truck! So I’m going to have to wash it, but it’s a small price to pay for the steal we made!

Yippee: To the awesome new LoveSac!
Blasted: It’s only Tuesday and I’m ready for the weekend.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

This is Law and Order

Note: Glenn’s dad is doing very well after his surgery, other than the normal pain and discomfort associated with open heart surgery. Thank all of you for your prayers and thoughts during this time. Glenn and I appreciate it greatly!

Well I went to court today for my trial by jury, yes you heard it friends, trial by jury. See this all started back in May ’05 when I got a speeding ticket in a school zone 32 in a 20. See it was my second or third day to my new job and I was completely oblivious to the fact that I was driving through a school zone, on top of the fact they didn’t have the flashy lights and the sign was partially covered by a tree limb, and this school looks like an abandoned warehouse thank you DISD (these are not excuses I’m guilty there’s no question about that) I’m just trying to explain why I got the ticket. So the cop told me that I could take defensive driving. So I fill out all the forms and copy my drivers license and send in my big fat administrative check to the city of Dallas. Well I get my approval letter to take defensive driving but it states on this letter that if you have a Commercial Driver’s License you cannot take defensive driving. Well you see I have a CDL because I’m the cool kid that gave tours of Baylor in the 26 passenger bus (that you need a CDL to drive!). I call the city of Dallas to ask them what I should do, the immediate response, “Oh we made a mistake, you have to go to court now.” Wait I have to go to court because you made a mistake, ridiculous. So I ask my lawyer brother who I should get to defend me in court, he say Giofreddi, sounds like the mob, huh? Ok so I get Giofreddi and they see that my court date is in December and they inform me that they’ll be requesting a trial by jury, so my new court date was today, 11 months from when I got the ticket!

So I got to court this morning leary about what’s about to happen the only instructions I have are to say “Here your Honor” when they call my name. I walk into the courthouse and find Court #7 and find a seat in the very overcrowded courtroom. Ok they called my name I said I was there, then the judge says “We will go into recess, if you have an attorney this would be a good time to consult with them.” Sidenote: the one redeeming thing about court was that the judge was quite entertaining, very nice guy, or at least he seemed that way. He kept cracking jokes, hey at least that part was enjoyable. Ok looking around no attorney, there are attorney’s coming in calling people’s names mine isn’t called. The girl sitting next to me has the same attorney we’re both clueless. Finally he shows up and askes me into the hall. Let me explain this guy to you. Tall balding, oh yes and a long grey ponytail! I explain my situation to him about the CDL and why I have it and that I got rid of it as soon as I got the ticket. Oddly enough he’s a Baylor grad and asks about what type of tours I gave, always nice to have a fellow bear on your side. He explains to me that because I have a regular driver’s license now (court date) I can take defensive driving, that it didn’t matter that I had a CDL when I got pulled over. So that’s great news!!! So off to defensive driving I go!

Yippee: We got our engagement pictures booked!
Blasted: I worked out last night and I’m really sore today.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

This is quite disturbing (at least the second half is)

Here is an update, not much but some.

***Most importantly I need your prayers for my future father-in-law, Don. He is undergoing open heart surgery today to replace his aortic valve. They’re replacing it with a pig valve, how cool (and at the same time weird) is that?! He’s 76 years old and his doctors have given him a very high success rate for the surgery. Glenn and I would greatly appreciate your prayers for a successful surgery and peace for the family. He is at the VA hospital in Dallas***

And for something completely different it looks as thought I’ll get to keep my toes which is a good thing. Let me explain…..
As I was driving to work yesterday I felt a string or something in the front of my shoe. I hate that feeling, but I toughed it out till I got to my desk and got to sit down to get it out. Welllll, I sit down and pull off my shoe to find the carcass of a spider all stuck to my toes, some of his legs were pulled off and strewn about my toe area (disgusting, I know). This wasn’t a little one either each leg was a good 3/4 inch long. Well instinctually I flicked off the curled up body onto the floor. It was about this time that I realized that that spider was spindly and brown. For those of you that grew up in Texas you probably haven’t encountered fiddlebacks all that much, but me being a native Oklahoman and having grown up in log cabin, I know these guys pretty well (and brown and spindly is a pretty good description). I google imaged a brown recluse because I considered posting a pic, nope all too scary, I suggest you don't do it, lots of rotting flesh pictures (I think I just threw up a little). I’ve encountered them many times, curled up in clothes on the floor, on the ceiling above my bed, and my personal favorite, climbing across my thigh as I was using the restroom (that was the worst). Needless to say I kind of became immune to these nasty little things. When you’re around them a lot it kind of losses it’s scary, oh my gosh those things can rot your skin off, effect. And I must admit I haven’t seen a one since I’ve moved to Texas and that’s been almost five years now. I know that ya’ll have just as scary things here in Texas (scorpions for instance) that would petrify me. Ok sorry for the ramble back to spidey in my shoe. So I’m sitting in my desk thinking ok I just flicked him on the floor he’s got to be right here. Panic kindof spread through my body because I know what their bites do to you, and also if they do bite you, you usually don’t feel it. So I’m looking at my toes for any puncture wounds, nothing there, but I’m still a bit shaken. So I decide all I have to do is find this little guy on the carpet, easy enough, yeah right. I get on my hands and knees to no avail the carpet is too multi colored and it’s way to dark. So I get a hold of Facilities and see if they can bring me a flashlight (because no one around me had one). They bring two up and we search again to no avail. So then it was only time that would let me know if I’d been bitten.

I’m glad to report no itching toes or flu like symptoms so I’m pretty much in the clear.

Blasted: When I got a replacement phone in the mail I managed to erase all my phone number off my SIM card, so if I had your number before please call me so I’ll have it in my phone, yes I know I’m a technological idiot.
Yippee: We are having Dr. Pepper Floats at our wedding reception, and according to the Baylor caterer we are the first wedding to request them, yep we’re cool!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

This is my list of fours!

Four Jobs I've Had:
Communications Coordinator
Public Relations Account manager
Waitress at Slo-Pokes
Tour Guide for Baylor University – yes I got to drive the bus around!

Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over:
I’m gonna have to go with cheese on Love Actually
High Fidelity (best movie ever)
Say Anything
When Harry Met SallyFour

TV Shows I Love to Watch:
How I Met Your Mother
GhostHunters (oh yeah, that’s right it’s on the SciFi channel)
Whose Wedding is it Anyway?

Four places I've Been on Vacation:
Costa Maya/Cancun

Favorite Dishes:
Stir Fry (mom’s version)
Chicken and String Beans from Panda Express
Frozen green peas (still frozen, you should try it)

Four Websites I Visit Daily:
All my favorite bloggers

Four Places I'd Rather Be:
by a pool (someplace sunny) with a fruity drink (or any drink for that matter)
In Waco with all my friends (or anywhere with my friends for that matter)
On a lake somewhere

Four Others I'd Like to Tag:
Linds (I know kristy already got her but I've run out of people) -- yeah I'm lame

Blasted - bills
Yippee - We're having a wedding shower for a lady here at my work.... cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 03, 2006

This is me streaky!!!!!!!!

Let me just say to all girls out there spray tanning booths may seem like fabulous inventions, but they are not as glamorous as they seem on the TV. The Friends rendition is much more accurate. I’m sharing all this information because last night I decided that I should try out this lovely invention out and see what all the buzz was about! So I read up on the internet about what I need to do before to ensure I get the best experience possible (yeah I’m a dork). So after work I go home take a shower and exfoliate my skin as to remove all the dead skin cells to obtain a less blotchy tan. So I head over to my local tanning salon where I’ve tanned before and walk in thinking this was gonna be a breeze! So the manager takes me to the room with the booth and starts into his 12in thick manual (at least in my mind that’s what he was reading) about all the things that I need to do and it went a little something like this.
- get undressed – this was by far the easiest part
- put on the hair net past your hairline not below, or you’ll look stupid
- use this lotion cover your feet, in between your toes, the balls of your feet, oh and your Achilles tendon, and the tops of your feet, or you’ll look stupid
- use the same lotion about 7 squirts to cover you hands, get it in good in between your fingers and saturate your hands, or you’ll look stupid (this is one step that I obviously did not do correctly because, well, my hands look stupid)
- when you are in the booth make sure to stand with your arms down, then your right arm up, then your left, turn around when it tells you, hold your right arm up again, then your left (I believe it was at this point that I started to worry that this was a bit to complicated for me, with much too permanent ramifications because of my idiocy)
- when you get out use the small towel to wipe off your hands well, or you’ll look stupid, then use the big towel to pat dry the mist that’s on your body
- when you walk out go to the bathroom and wash your hands, only your fingers and palms though not the top part, or you’ll look stupid
- now to get in wave your hand in front of the sensor to open the booth door (obviously I’m invisible because I’m standing there naked, with my hair net thing on, slathered up with lotion on my hands and feet and waving my hand around after about 15 times of me trying it did it, oh and don’t worry that there was another sensor in the booth to start the spray that also thought I was invisible
- ok, so I’m in the booth the voice instructions are counting down for when the spray starts and it begins this is the part that is not as glamorous as they let on, that stuff sprays at you hard and fast and it’s none to fun to breath in either
- this is another moment when I’m shocked by the intensity of the spray and I start to worry about not getting this stuff evenly sprayed on me, lest I look like Ross! So I start doing the dance right arm up left arm up turn around do it again, sounds like a kids song huh?
- so it stops and I feel disgusting because of the reference I made about patting the mist off your body, yeah, it’s not exactly a mist you are wet I mean really wet! It’s not dripping wet, but it’s like when you walk under those cooler misters at an amusement park your not wet but your not damp either so I step out of the booth onto the towel they have laid out, all wet and smelly, yeah it smells. So I do this cute little shuffle thing so I don’t have to get off of the towel and get my small towel and my large towel and pat dry.
- I get dressed and wash my hands and leave feeling slightly satisfied with my adventure, thinking I followed all the rules bring on that beautiful golden tan!

Fast forward a couple of hours as I’m about ready to crawl in bed, I have noticed a slight change in my skin a color change that I was satisfied with! You go Mysitc Tan!

Fast forward to when I wake up and walk into my bathroom and look in the mirror, WOW I’m tan!!! My face looks darker and skin looks great… oh wait my hands… crap…. Streaky, but that’s life right? Wait for it... what’s that on my arm, yep, big white streak on my elbow, how it got there, or should I say how the spray didn’t get there, I don’t know. Pulling my hair back to get some water to rinse my mouth after brushing my teeth, is that a shadow, nope big dark streak on my neck, good thing I have long hair! So needless to say it was a learning experience. Would I do it again, I don’t know, was it worth it, sure – it only lasts about 5 to 7 days, I can handle looking stupid that long right?

Blasted – For the weather getting absolutely gorgeous for only a day and a half
Yippee – My friends are coming into town to shop for bridesmaid dresses for my wedding and having a late celebration of my birthday!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

This is 100 Things I love - Inspired by Kristy

Things that I love :

1. my fiancĂ© – he’s the best and greatest!
2. my crazy dog, Rodi
3. my friends
4. my very comfy lovesac
5. Glenn and I’s new furniture, it’s huge!
6. shopping for my dog, yes you heard, my dog
7. paper clips
8. the wall in my apartment that’s covered with pictures that I’ve taken all over the world of gates
9. “Out of Practice”
10. Ballroom dancing, I can’t do it but I love watching it!
11. that I met a best friend in my college roommate, Michelle
12. the sound of leaves crunching under my feet
13. the way my friends accept me, even though I’m from Oklahoma
14. all of my friends puppies Macie, Cosmo, and Dakota
15. a good margarita
16. weekend getaways to Waco
17. free room and board for above mentioned getaways, I’m pretty sure Glenn and I owe Lee and Kristy our firstborn
18. going to the movies, with friends or alone!
19. journals and journaling – I’ve got more of them than I know what to do with
20. PostSecret, the website and the book!
21. getting every other Friday off, thank you GuideStone!
22. the southern strawberry/double fudge frozen yogurt in our cafeteria at work, that’s right they give us frozen yogurt too!
23. my engagement ring, Glenn couldn’t have chosen a more perfect one if he tried!
24. my dog back home, Duke the 5th, he’s a collie
25. my home in Oklahoma, not many people can say they grew up in a log house!
26. Where everybody knows my name, Nash, OK population 200ish
27. Cruises, especially when they’re with friends “What happens in Mexico, stays in the Mississippi Delta” – Linday
28. Lindsay and all her fabulousness, she the most hip person I know!
29. changing my hair color and style
30. Chuy’s!!!
31. Eskimo Joe’s plastic cups
32. the way my dad still calls me “shug”
33. Falling asleep watching TV
34. Netflix, you really can’t beat it!
35. I’m ridiculously addicted
36. scary movies
37. reading fiction
38. the fact that I have friends great enough to tell me when I’m an idiot, this is mainly Kristy cause she’s just brutally honest, everybody needs a friend like that!
39. those black and silver butterfly, flippy clip things that you use instead of paper clips
40. pictures of my friends and family
41. the theatre, plays, operas, symphony (I know it doesn’t fall under the theatre category but I’m putting it here)
42. wakeboarding - but I’m terrible
43. Baylor
44. inflatables (especially Inflatables of Texas)
45. rap music (I know it’s terrible)
46. Dancing
47. Purses, purses, purses
48. Traveling
49. Toffifay candy – yum
50. blogging
51. the 9108 even though I don’t live there anymore
52. my mom’s cooking
53. my nephews and their craziness!
54. all 448 sq ft of my apartment, efficiencies are great - biggest utility bill so far - $54!
55. Glenn all dressed up in a suit he looks so sharp!
56. the fact that Molly will get engrossed in any magazine you put in front of her
57. how Glenn puts my name in every song on the radio
58. how excited Rodi is when I get home from work and does the happy dance

59. rollercoasters, but not the ship ones, those make me sickly
60. facebook!!!
61. my coworkers, they can find humor in the most stressful times
62. jump drives – what a great invention
63. my painted ceramic frog from our cruise senior year, he holds my bobby pins very nicely
64. having a friend to talk online to all day – it’s great to say good morning to Cheese everyday!
65. being tan
66. shopping with my mom, I consider myself lucky to be a girl who likes this activity
67. Thanksgiving at my house, 36 people in one house, it’s crazy but it’s fun
68. my car, she’s fast, but not anymore, speeding tickets are bad things, it took me awhile to figure that one out
69. my plant at work that was passed onto me by a coworker, her name is Jean, the plant, not the coworker
70. tropical places
71. the fact that I can get a massage at work
72. Diet Dr. Pepper
73. that Glenn and I are going to get married at Baylor – Sic ‘Em Bears
74. Chipolte --- ummm burritos
75. tracking points on Weight Watchers – weird I know but it’s fun, we’ll not talk about how many points Chipolte is
76. throwing parties
77. Northpark Mall
78. Museums
79. Italy – I’d live there if I could
80. learning, cheesy I know, but I do enjoy it
81. Rodi and her obsession with rocks, any rock really
82. cleaning, I love the feeling when I’m done, it’s one of the few things that I can do and actually lose track of time
83. lazy weekends, when you get nothing done
84. productive weekends when everything gets checked off your to do list
85. that my parents are absolutely kooky
86. filing stuff away
87. the smell of citrus cleaning stuff
88. cheese, with just about anything
89. arranging flowers, I’d do it for a living if I could make money at it
90. filling out my day planner
91. poetry
92. movies that make me cry, give me about 10 mins into “A Walk to Remember” and I’m a goner
93. frozen grapes and frozen green peas, they make great snacks
94. the tini tiny bows I got to put in Rodi’s hair, she has enough hair to put in it but it just sticks straight up!
95. the DVR!!!
96. driving with my sunroof open
97. swimming
98. Belgium waffles – the one’s at the state fair are to die for
99. holding Glenn’s hand
100. that when all of my friends get together we never have a bad time!

With all the Things I love today I'm suspending my Yippee and Blasted!

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

This is - lets be honest, kinda boring

I am officially the worst blogger ever! So a little update on my life! I have officially picked my wedding dress!!! This might seem strange, but I had two, long story but I have finally chosen! I can’t wait till the first weekend in March my lovely bridesmaids are coming to Dallas to go dress shopping!!!! Something fun that happened recently is my bio for the Knot is featured on they emailed me and asked me if they could use it on their website. I thought why the heck not! So if you'd like to see it you have to go to the website and scroll all the way to the bottom and click on our picture to see the craziness that is our wedding plans. My life has been fairly uneventful, other than we are approaching the month of my birth!!! And a very busy month it will be between SING, the Dallas Opera, and visiting my friends I have a full calendar! It’s nice to be busy, but this past weekend I enjoyed the greatness that is not getting out of your pajamas till 2 oclock in the afternoon and doing nothing but watch TV all day, it was fabulous! I watched a marathon of stand up comedians on Comedy Central and the Screen Actors Guild Awards, or the SAGs if you’re really cool! I did discover this past weekend the beauty of DSW (Direct Shoe Warehouse). So many shoes I didn’t know what to do with myself! I got a lovely pair of black pumps with the cutest white flower on them! On a completely different note, I’m starting Weight Watchers again, now that I’ve decided on a dress the only bad thing is that it doesn’t have a corset back. SIDENOTE – To those of you that don’t know, when you have a corset back dress you can gain/lose weight and it doesn’t matter so much, you just either let the corset out or tighten it up. I have a dress that zips up, meaning I have to be as skinny as I want to be for the wedding when I get it altered which will be several months before the wedding, boo on that, but that’s life! Let’s see what else has happened??? Well work is quite crazy, let me just say there is nothing like crisis management!

Oh yes and I’m addicted to the and the message boards.

Blasted: To the cold that I think I’m getting!
Yippee: To my fab new shoes!

And the pic is from the teambuilding my company did at the State Fair -- YUM Turkey Leg!

Monday, January 16, 2006

This is a rousing game of TAG

Thank you Kristy for tagging me! Such a novel but difficult little game!

Ground Rules: The first player of this "game" starts with the topic "5 weird habits of yourself", and people who get tagged need to write a blog entry about their 5 weird habits as well as state this rule clearly. In the end you need to choose the next person to be tagged and list his/her name. Don't forget to leave a comment that says "you are tagged" on his/her blog and tell them to read yours.

My Five Weird Habits… here goes nothing

1. I love to chew on paper clips – well not so much chew just kinda hold in my mouth, it’s hard to describe.
2. I sit Indian style anywhere, work, restaurants, church, you name it, it’s the most comfortable way for me to sit (I’ve even woke up in the morning to find myself lying on my back with my legs Indian style, yes I know I’m a freak). I sometimes wonder if I will ever “grow up” enough to break this habit… I hope not!
3. When Fall arrives I always step on the leaves that have fallen and look nice and crispy, because I love the sound it make when you step on them!
4. When I’m just lounging around the house and I have a blanket over me I have to have it tucked under my feet. If I’m taking nap or whatever, always has to be tucked it drives me crazy if it’s not!
5. I make all time relative to when I’m getting married. Like at work we talk about something that will happen in September, I think, wow, I’ll be a month away from being married! I think most brides-to-be do this so I guess it’s not all that weird but I’m running out of stuff here.

Glenn TAG YOU’RE IT!!!!!!

Monday, January 09, 2006

This is a recap

I am officially the worst blogger ever! I apologize profusely for my absence lately. But because I’ve been gone so long I’ll recap:

- Michelle is now officially Mrs. Sean Conlon!!! Her wedding was absolutely stunning, and Michelle was a gorgeous bride. Her Christmas theme could not have been any more perfect! Being in her wedding and getting to do a reading brought me such great joy!

- Yeah for Christmas and family – Glenn and I both got to spend time with our families together, and had a blast!

- We went and saw ICE at the Gaylord Texan which was so much fun! Cold, but fun!

- I have officially asked all by bridesmaids if they will stand with me on my wedding day! I couldn’t have asked for a better group of friends to surround me! These special ladies are Michelle Conlon, Kristy Boyd, Molly Pack and Lindsay Renfroe!!! I am so blessed!

- What a wonderful New Year’s Eve we had!!! We all got together and spent the evening at Kristy’s family farm!

- Glenn has accepted a job with Compass Bank here in Dallas! I am so excited and proud of him, Mr. Senior Financial Sales Representative!

- Happy Birthday to Lindsay who is now 23!!!!!! We all celebrated her birth this weekend in Waco and it was a blast! We of course had too much fun like we always do (SECRET TIME)!

- If you are looking for Glenn he just moved into the Gate (the building right next to mine in #115)!!! We are so excited about being so close! We had a great time painting one of his walls in his living room.

- We are the owners of couches, because let’s face it you can’t use a lovesac as permanent furniture. We found some great couches at Rooms-To-Go, but they won’t get to his apartment till the 2nd of February.

Yippee – I dreamt last night that I was Scarlett Johansen ( I was smoking!–talk about in your dreams!

Blasted – I dreamt what felt like all night long and woke up tired.