Tuesday, January 31, 2006

This is - lets be honest, kinda boring

I am officially the worst blogger ever! So a little update on my life! I have officially picked my wedding dress!!! This might seem strange, but I had two, long story but I have finally chosen! I can’t wait till the first weekend in March my lovely bridesmaids are coming to Dallas to go dress shopping!!!! Something fun that happened recently is my bio for the Knot is featured on http://www.thebiobuilder.com/BioBuilder/ they emailed me and asked me if they could use it on their website. I thought why the heck not! So if you'd like to see it you have to go to the website and scroll all the way to the bottom and click on our picture to see the craziness that is our wedding plans. My life has been fairly uneventful, other than we are approaching the month of my birth!!! And a very busy month it will be between SING, the Dallas Opera, and visiting my friends I have a full calendar! It’s nice to be busy, but this past weekend I enjoyed the greatness that is not getting out of your pajamas till 2 oclock in the afternoon and doing nothing but watch TV all day, it was fabulous! I watched a marathon of stand up comedians on Comedy Central and the Screen Actors Guild Awards, or the SAGs if you’re really cool! I did discover this past weekend the beauty of DSW (Direct Shoe Warehouse). So many shoes I didn’t know what to do with myself! I got a lovely pair of black pumps with the cutest white flower on them! On a completely different note, I’m starting Weight Watchers again, now that I’ve decided on a dress the only bad thing is that it doesn’t have a corset back. SIDENOTE – To those of you that don’t know, when you have a corset back dress you can gain/lose weight and it doesn’t matter so much, you just either let the corset out or tighten it up. I have a dress that zips up, meaning I have to be as skinny as I want to be for the wedding when I get it altered which will be several months before the wedding, boo on that, but that’s life! Let’s see what else has happened??? Well work is quite crazy, let me just say there is nothing like crisis management!

Oh yes and I’m addicted to the theknot.com and the message boards.

Blasted: To the cold that I think I’m getting!
Yippee: To my fab new shoes!

And the pic is from the teambuilding my company did at the State Fair -- YUM Turkey Leg!

Monday, January 16, 2006

This is a rousing game of TAG

Thank you Kristy for tagging me! Such a novel but difficult little game!

Ground Rules: The first player of this "game" starts with the topic "5 weird habits of yourself", and people who get tagged need to write a blog entry about their 5 weird habits as well as state this rule clearly. In the end you need to choose the next person to be tagged and list his/her name. Don't forget to leave a comment that says "you are tagged" on his/her blog and tell them to read yours.

My Five Weird Habits… here goes nothing

1. I love to chew on paper clips – well not so much chew just kinda hold in my mouth, it’s hard to describe.
2. I sit Indian style anywhere, work, restaurants, church, you name it, it’s the most comfortable way for me to sit (I’ve even woke up in the morning to find myself lying on my back with my legs Indian style, yes I know I’m a freak). I sometimes wonder if I will ever “grow up” enough to break this habit… I hope not!
3. When Fall arrives I always step on the leaves that have fallen and look nice and crispy, because I love the sound it make when you step on them!
4. When I’m just lounging around the house and I have a blanket over me I have to have it tucked under my feet. If I’m taking nap or whatever, always has to be tucked it drives me crazy if it’s not!
5. I make all time relative to when I’m getting married. Like at work we talk about something that will happen in September, I think, wow, I’ll be a month away from being married! I think most brides-to-be do this so I guess it’s not all that weird but I’m running out of stuff here.

Glenn TAG YOU’RE IT!!!!!!

Monday, January 09, 2006

This is a recap

I am officially the worst blogger ever! I apologize profusely for my absence lately. But because I’ve been gone so long I’ll recap:

- Michelle is now officially Mrs. Sean Conlon!!! Her wedding was absolutely stunning, and Michelle was a gorgeous bride. Her Christmas theme could not have been any more perfect! Being in her wedding and getting to do a reading brought me such great joy!

- Yeah for Christmas and family – Glenn and I both got to spend time with our families together, and had a blast!

- We went and saw ICE at the Gaylord Texan which was so much fun! Cold, but fun!

- I have officially asked all by bridesmaids if they will stand with me on my wedding day! I couldn’t have asked for a better group of friends to surround me! These special ladies are Michelle Conlon, Kristy Boyd, Molly Pack and Lindsay Renfroe!!! I am so blessed!

- What a wonderful New Year’s Eve we had!!! We all got together and spent the evening at Kristy’s family farm!

- Glenn has accepted a job with Compass Bank here in Dallas! I am so excited and proud of him, Mr. Senior Financial Sales Representative!

- Happy Birthday to Lindsay who is now 23!!!!!! We all celebrated her birth this weekend in Waco and it was a blast! We of course had too much fun like we always do (SECRET TIME)!

- If you are looking for Glenn he just moved into the Gate (the building right next to mine in #115)!!! We are so excited about being so close! We had a great time painting one of his walls in his living room.

- We are the owners of couches, because let’s face it you can’t use a lovesac as permanent furniture. We found some great couches at Rooms-To-Go, but they won’t get to his apartment till the 2nd of February.

Yippee – I dreamt last night that I was Scarlett Johansen ( I was smoking!–talk about in your dreams!

Blasted – I dreamt what felt like all night long and woke up tired.