Sunday, March 30, 2008

This is what happens when you buy a Wii

Teenage boys come in droves!! Glenn had a Super Smash Brothers Tournament. We mostly had kids from our 12th grade Wednesday night bible study - but they invited friends too! I don't think there was a clear winner but if their volume level indicated how good of a time they were having they were having a ball!!!! I choose to watch a movie downstairs - I figured I'd watch a chick flick to keep Glenn from that torture. So I rented Georgia Rule - I highly recommended bypassing this movie if you ever think of watching it! You know those movies that look one way in the previews and are completely different - this was one of those movies. I thought it was going to be a funny chick flick - nope not at all I won't go into the details but I didn't enjoy it.

Hot Tamale Watch 2008
Divine intervention: When I went to Blockbuster to rent a movie I picked a couple of movies and grabbed a box of Hot Tamales. I get to the register and there's a big sign that says - Only Accepting Cash -no credit cards - no checks. Welp turns out that I only had a five on me so I just got one movie (I should have gone with Atonement - my other movie.) I reluctantly handed back my Hot Tamales and knew I wasn't meant to have any last night! :)

Yippee - I got an awesome Sunday nap.
Blasted - I really don't have a blasted today! :)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

This is the first step

Admitting I have a problem.
Ok I have a problem with Hot Tamales – I've shared it with my closest friends in hope that would shame me out of my addiction- yes addiction. But that hasn't seemed to work. You see I love candy – but can control myself for the most part – except for when it comes to these lovely ruby colored cinnamon flavored gems. Insert sigh here.

I blame it all on my workplace – and my new job – because you see there a conference room on my floor (just moved to this floor in January) that has a huge bowl FULL of them – just calling me. And usually after lunch I sneak down the hall AND check to see if Mindy is at her desk (she sits right by the conference room). If she's not there I quietly make my way in and grab a little cupful. See this is why I know I have a problem – I think if Mindy was sitting there I would make up some excuse – like I needed Advil from the workroom (which is also by her desk.)

So I'm putting my shame out there for all the blogger world!

Fun fact about Hot Tamales: They are the rejects from Mike and Ikes – the cinnamon flavor masks the flavor that it was when it was a Mike and Ike. This is also why they are misshaped for the most part. I learned this on "Unwrapped" – love that show!

Yippee: to the yummy Baked Cheetos I had with dinner (lame I know)
Blasted: I have to work tomorrow

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

This is just for fun

So over Easter Weekend my mom, sis-in-law Dorrie and I went to Dallas Blooms. I truly don't know if anybody understands how much I LOVE flowers - when I grow up I want to own a flower shop. I've always loved arranging flowers. My mom was an amazing gardener and she had beautiful flowers in her garden - still does. Some of my most favorite memories are picking flowers to decorate the house. Sadly it costs me an arm and a leg to make a flower arrangement now -so the next best thing is seeing them in their natural state (and most beautiful)!

Just wanted to share some pics. And sadly they are not edited in Photoshop - because apparently Leopard (mac operating system) won't run my version of Photoshop - boo on Adobe.
Yippee - to my new camera bag
Blasted - to blogger uploading my pictures really slow - or I'd add more!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

This is a sad day

So my mom called me today to left me know some sad news. A guy I went to high school with in Oklahoma was killed in Iraq on Sunday. Chris Hake was a year older than me and went into the army after high school. He leaves behind a wife and baby boy. Please keep the Hake family in your prayers.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

This is Easter Sunday!

That's right folks - I had an Easter hat for Easter Sunday!  I've threatened Glenn all year that I was going to do it and I did!!!!  The guy in green is our pastor, John Mark Caton.  My parents were in town this holiday weekend and we got to do lots of fun stuff including going to the Aurboretum to see Dallas Blooms - very cool.  I got to be annoying and take lots of pictures!

Another fun thing about this weekend was my Mom showed up in her new toy - a Chrysler Crossfire!!!!  My mom has wanted a convertible for I don't know how long and Dad finally got her one only after 44 years of marriage! :)  Doesn't she look chic!!!!

Yippee - To a event filled weekend
Blasted - To having to go to work tomorrow :(

Thursday, March 20, 2008

This is one awesome brownie recipie (yes I'm a dork)

So I made these brownies for my boss's birthday this week – and everybody loved them so I'd thought I'd pass on the recipe. I'm not gonna take credit for it though – it got it from Carla in my Sunday School class at church! Super yummy especially when they're still warm.

Death by chocolate brownies
2 boxes of brownie mix (the one with the syrup pouch)
4 large Carmello bars

Mix one box of brownies as directed pour in 13x9 pan. Lay Carmello bars on top.Mix other box of brownies pour on top of Carmello bars. Bake at directed temp on box for 45 to 60 min (just shake the dish and make sure middle is firm.)

Yippee – for Easter Break – and getting to go to Dallas Blooms with my mom!
Blasted – Having to be a grown up and cook Easter dinner (it's stressful cooking for the fam.)

Monday, March 17, 2008

This is the NBA!

So Glenn and I went to my first NBA game on Friday (it's old hat for Glenn, what with being a professional mascot at one point)! It was the Mavs v. Pacers game – it was a good game – seeing that they one. I was surprised at how quickly it went by – guess I'm used to watching baseball games. Glenn and I had a blast – we even got to see them filming the 10 o'clock news – pretty cool! Here are some pics from our fun night out!