Monday, March 23, 2009

This is one of the most awesome decisions I've made

No not to become a professional raquetball player.... to get LASIK! Dr. Whitman of Key-Whitman Eye Centers did my surgery in January (yes I know that was a long time ago - doing some serious catch up!)

Key-Whitman was a great place all around. I received excellent care and the staff was very nice and thorough. I'd recommend them to anyone looking to get any corrective eye surgery! Other than a "eye hickey" (as my doc called it) the surgery went flawlessly. I went in at eight and the procedure took about 20 min total and I was walking out the door before nine! My mom came and helped me to and from the surgery and she couldn't believe how quickly it all happened. Later that day after I woke up from sleeping off the Zanax I had great vision! I'm not 20/15 and loving it!

PS the googles were for protection - that and to let everybody know how cool I was! :)

Yippee - for mixing up my workout tonight :)
Blasted - to the puppy begging for more food!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This is Disney - Day 4 SpectroMagic Parade!

The SpectroMagic Parade is an amazing sight! I can't remember how many hundreds of thousands of lights that are used in this parade - but it's a bunch!

The Mouse himself!


My favorite princess! (And yes Michelle she is a princess - see below)

King Tritan - Ariel's dad - therefore rendering her a princess!

This is Disney - Day 4 Fireworks

Disney sure knows how to do fireworks!!!!

Tink brings on the show!

Yippee - to my workout tonight!
Blasted - to tax season :(

Sunday, March 15, 2009

This is Disney - Day 4

On day four we made our way to Animal Kingdom - Glenn and I's most favorite park of all! You just feel like you are being transported into the jungle - love it! We utilized a great tool when we went to Disney it's a website call Tour Guide Mike. I highly recommend it to anybody taking a trip to Disney - Tour Guide Mike was a tour guide at Disney and his site give you all the little tips and tricks to getting around the parks! Like how we managed to be some of the first people in line at Animal Kingdom - and all alone on a trail - BEFORE the park opened! :)

Thanks Tour Guide Mike!!! We are at the front of the massive crowd!!!

Massive Crowd

Safari themed Christmas!

Safari Mickey

After riding Dinosaur - quite possibly the most bumpy, whip-lash inducing ride at Disney! Oh and Mrs. Huxtable makes a cameo!

Goofy and Pluto - we asked Pluto how he felt about not being a planet anymore - he just hung his head - sooo sad...

Mt. Everest - best ride at Disney (or at least my fav)

Like my glasses!
Yippee - to working out today!
Blasted - can't find the gazillion pictures of the animals in the Tree of Life - wonder where they are????

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This is Disney - Day 3

Gotta love Christmas at Disney!

If you listen closely on the jungle cruise these guys say "I love disco" - no joke!

This is what happens when you ride the front seat of Splash Mountain! :)

Yes I know I've been gone - life has been crazy! - sorry I've been gone I promise I'll be better!

Yippee - we close on our house this Thursday!
Blasted - this is shaping up to be a longgggg week!