Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This is Michelle's Birthday Weekend!!!!

My college roommate, Michelle, celebrated her birthday on the 17th of this month!!!  I love this girl - we were put together as Pot Luck roommates at Baylor and ended up the best of friends!  She lives in Dallas now and the rest of our bestest college friends Kristy and Molly live in Waco.  They came up from Waco to celebrate Shell's birthday this past weekend.  We had dinner at Northpark and did a little shopping!  
We then went to this cupcake place called "Sprinkles" it was sooo good - I had the dark chocolate one.  

We had dinner that night at the Melting Pot, a fondue restaruant.  We only had cheese and chocolate - which rounded out the whole day.  Then my friends all came to my house and we had a fun night!  I love seeing my friends and I miss the days of our apartment in Waco - we had sooo much fun (we still do)!

Blasted: Glenn is really sick - he went straight to bed when he got home from work
Yippee: My work week is almost over

Just had to put in this sweet picture of Kayleigh, Michelle's little girl, that I took on Michelle's b-day weekend! Isn't she precious!

Monday, January 21, 2008

This is my new car!!!!!!

Glenn and I got a car tonight!!!!  We got an amazing deal on this 03 Honda Accord!  Isn't it pretty!!!!  We went from having a Baylor green car to a Baylor gold car!  

Blasted - I'm starting to feel really sick.
Yippee - We got a new car!!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

This is Lute Riley Honda - sheesh!

So Glenn and I are shopping for a car. We’re going to trade in the car I had in college for a commuter car that gets better gas mileage. We had looked at Corollas but wanted to test drive a Honda Civic as well. So Glenn checked around and found that Lute Riley Honda of Richardson had good feedback regarding their sales people. So after work we headed off. As we walked in there was the typical salesman who was right there to offer us help. We asked to test drive one of their pre-owned Civics. He pulled a nice 03 from the lot and we were off – and it was a good test drive. The salesguy seemed like a nice guy, just a little on the talkative side. There was also an 05 on the lot that we wanted to look at. Apparently it already had a deposit on it from another customer, Glenn found this out after our salesguy FOLLOWED HIM INTO THE BATHROOM TO TELL HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously who does that… apparently Lute Riley Honda.

He asked if we had a trade in, we told him we did, and he asked if we’d like it appraised. We had them appraise it and when they came to bring us the numbers they had worked up we made mistake number one and didn’t get our key back before we started talking. When we sat down we told them we were absolutely not buying tonight. Their offer was high – which was completely expected that’s how they make money, I’m not going to fault them for that. But talk about pushy, they asked the standard “What can we do to get you into this car today?” question, which is another thing I don’t fault them for, their job is to sale cars. We explained to them that even if we were buying the numbers weren’t right anyway. Well then the manager came by and asked again what they could do – we told him “nothing we aren’t buying tonight – but we appreciate your tenacity” (yes I used the word tenacity – call me a dork I don’t care!) And they both kept pushing the issue and even asked if we would do an even trade – which is shady sales tactics because there was no way they would make a even trade, so why bring it up??? Needless to say we told them we were leaving and wanted our key back. The salesguy continued to talk to us all the way out to our car – I thought he was going to get into it and go home with us! So my suggestion to anyone: if don’t care for the high pressure sale – don’t go to Lute Riley Honda of Richardson.

But if you’d like to work with a better dealership that we’ve really enjoyed working with try Patt Lobb of Mckinney and ask for Randy C., talk about a great salesman. He listened to us when we said we were “just looking” so he took us on a test drive and asked us what he might keep an eye out for us – talk about awesome! Now we haven’t bought anything yet – we’re still looking – but just wanted to share our experience!

Yippee – for car shopping – yeah some of it’s a pain but test driving cars is fun!
Blasted – Can’t really think of one right now!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

This is how I failed

So I don’t mind giving blood. Needles don’t bother me (so I kind of feel obligated to do it). So a while back we were having a blood drive at work and I went down to give. Well my iron wasn’t high enough to give. So when I saw our next blood drive on the calendar for yesterday I decided I was going to pass the iron level test by eating right and drinking lots of water! This is the only time I’ve truly pre-gamed before giving blood. So I go to give blood fill out all the paperwork and do the iron test and pass – but just barely!!! So I go lay down and await my phlebotomist. First off Joe was a nice guy – but he had crazy shaky hands, which was a little disconcerting! So I get stuck and I’m off and pumping my little stress ball every eight seconds. Then Joe has some other guy come over and they look at all my stuff and the bag and all. Turns out my blood had stopped. They tried all sorts of things to get it going again (which I won’t go into detail about for the queasy folks *Glenn*.) But to no avail my veins had decided to be stingy with my blood. I felt like a complete failure. I’ll get over it I’m sure. I’ve started to wonder if I should give up on giving blood???

Yippee: My friends and I get to celebrate Michelle’s birthday this weekend with fondue!!!!
Blasted: I have a hole in my arm and no blood donation to show for it!