Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This is Scurry

One of my past co-workers, Brenda, and her hubby built a home out in Scurry last year. Where is Scurry you might ask… well according to Brenda – it's the middle of nowhere! J During the nine months it took to build their home they lived in their RV or "The Box" as Brenda so lovingly called it! Well Brenda and Jerry threw a shindig out at their place in Scurry for her coworkers this past weekend – it took a while to get out there – but man it was beautiful when we did! And Jerry can cook one mean burger! I can't remember the last time I was that full!

Yippee – One more day before my five day weekend!!!

Blasted – I ate too much for dinner! UGH

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

This is me wishing I was back in Mexico

Glenn and I had a blast in Mexico – it was so much fun! And totally relaxing! We enjoyed the sand and ocean (crazy blue). Our hotel was fab-u-lous! We stayed at the Riu Hotel Palace Las America – I would highly recommend it to anyone thinking about visiting Cancun. I was slightly bummed because I didn't get as much sun as I had hoped (which Glenn laughs at me every time I say this because I did get pretty tan). We can't wait to go back although next time we would like to try the Riviera Maya and stay longer (obviously).

We didn't do much on this trip it was more of a relaxing break since Glenn was in between his semester (which he knocked out of the park) and summer school. Next time we're in Mexico we want to visit the ruins Chichen Itza or Tulum – they look sooo cool!

Now we are just in countdown mode to Molly's wedding on the beach in Florida – it's gonna be so fun!

Yippee – to a four day work week!

Blasted – I'm still up and it's 11pm :(

Monday, May 05, 2008

This is what happens when you give little girls sugar cookies!

We had a Cuatro de Mayo party with our Sunday School class. Someone had brought those sugar cookies with tons of icing on them. And there were little girls... need I say more....
Then giggles and screaming ensued...

Yippee: Five days till Mexico!!!!!
Blasted: Still five more days till Mexico.

Friday, May 02, 2008

This is a day to remember

So when I flipped my calendar over to the month of May a couple days ago I noticed that today is "Yom Hashoah" or Holocaust Remembrance Day. I’m sure many of you have seen Schindler’s List and if you haven’t please do so – it is a movie that will touch you deeply. Also I have another recommendation. Glenn and I love documentaries and about two years ago we rented a documentary called Paper Clips. It’s an amazing film here’s an excerpt from about the film.

Whitwell Middle School in rural Tennessee is the setting for this documentary about an extraordinary experiment in Holocaust education. Struggling to grasp the concept of six-million Holocaust victims, the students decide to collect six-million paper clips to better understand the extent of this crime against humanity. The film details how the students met Holocaust survivors from around the world and how the experience transformed them and their community.

One reason paper clips were chosen was because during World War II people in Norway wore paperclips on their collars as a sign of protest against the Nazis. It also something small enough to collect six million of and it gave the school children a tangible example of how many six million really is.

Six million think about that…

Read more about 2008 Holocaust Remembrance Day.