Thursday, September 29, 2005

This is me and my $#@%# dog!

So Rodi, my silky terrier who I love is trying my patience. If you’ve read my blog you know that when I adopted her I had to have 12 of her teeth pulled (yeah no fun for her)! So every since then she has felt tons better, her energy level has skyrocketed and you can just tell she’s happier! Oh yeah I forgot the biggest thing, she drools like crazy now! She doesn’t drool on you, you can just tell where she’s laid on the LoveSac cause there’s a big spot (comparatively to her four lbs body) of drool there. Well while brushing her last week I found a big mat underneath her chin, very common with silkys, because they have very fine hair that tangles easy. So Glenn and I decide to try and get this mat out. I’m armed with a tiny tooth comb, slicker brush, and a tiny pair of scissors (to trim away chunks of matted hair if need be). She hates people messing with her face, so this was a challenge. I finally start freeing some hair and she starts BLEEDING!!!!! So I’m think I’m the worst mom every, I just caused my dog to bleed. So I get a paper towel and start blotting her chin in hopes that it would get better, and it did. So we gave up. I took her to the vet yesterday and they tell me she has a skin infection (again, common in terriers, I think I picked the wrong breed). They said it is probably attributed to the extra drool.... great. So just when she gets off medicine from getting all her teeth pulled, she has to go on more medicine. But this time I have clean out the spot and put ointment on it, on top of having to give her antibiotics twice a day, which of course she hates! I think she was mad at me for all the medicine I made her take last night cause when I woke up this morning she’d peed on the carpet. She’s only done that once before right when she moved in, GRRRRR. So I thought I was getting a great deal cause I got Rodi for free, hasn’t exactly turned out to be the steal I thought it was. But when I found out her teeth had to be pulled I got a Wellness plan at PetsMart where her vet is, and I’ve already saved over $500 dollars because I’m on it, granted it costs money but those are great savings! Pretty crazy.

But on a fun note, I ordered some doggy tanks online for her to wear and they came yesterday! She was very cute in her hot pink tank top and across the top written in sparkles is “Daddy’s Girl”! It couldn’t be any more true.

Monday, September 19, 2005

This is me, my friends, and fake hair

So my friends came to visit me this weekend and got to see my apartment for the first time! They all live in Waco and I'm in Dallas. It was great we had such an awesome time. First off we went shopping in the West Village and got to feel (and look) fabulous. Cheese found a great pair of stilettos (think Carrie from "Sex and the City"). We then went to what is called the Sam Moon and I went into shock from purse overload. Although I did not buy any purses there but I did buy an overnight bag and much jewelry! Now onto the saga that is called fake hair. In one corner of Sam Moon there is a wall that looks like 50 porn stars exploded on it! It’s all fake hair! We all tried some on, it was so fun! I found a great piece that hung down to the middle of my back. And my friend Michelle, who is a Jessica Simpson look alike, found one that went all the way down her back! I decided to buy mine but Michelle opted out claiming she couldn’t because of her budget (who knows what that is?). I walked out of Sam Moon with a great toile bag and a lot more hair! We then went to Stonebriar Mall where we shopped and shopped till our feet could go no farther! Molly did find a great pair of stilettos at BeBe, bought them and immediately put them on. The matched her outfit, it’s not like she had a choice in the matter. But after several minutes of walking decided that maybe her flip flops were a better choice for the mall! Michelle after having nonbuyer’s remorse with her fake hair asked if we could go back and we did! Michelle and I donned our new found hair for dinner and we looked fabulous! We went to the West Village for gelato and sat out in the cool summer evening enjoying the guitarist that was set up on the sidewalk! I was sad when they left, we always manage to have such a good time when we are together! I am lucky to have friends that make me laugh till it hurts, listen when I need to talk, love me when I need loving, and most importantly encourage me to buy hair that make me look like a porn star!

Friday, September 16, 2005

This is me at my job

So Cheese (one of my close personal friends) was harrassing about how I'd not posted anything on my blog in a while! Well here you go Cheese, this ones for you. So I started at new job on the 6th of September. I work at Guidestone Financial Resources as a Communications Coordinator. I'm in the insurance marketing support group and it is crazy. Everyone that I work with is very nice, but man I' ve been busy. My last job I had tons of free time, not really the case here. I'm taking a break to post this blog. I basically get to work on different marketing materials that the insurance department sends out, oh yeah you wanna know about premiums, coinsurance, HIPAA, I got your answers right here! It's re-enrollment time here at Guidestone and that means it's very busy and everyone is pulling out their hair, yeah, great time to start a job. But it's nice and the days go by quicker cause I have lots to do. But I am very excited today because my wonderful friends are coming to visit me. They haven't seen my aptartment here in Dallas, there's really not that much to see because it's an efficiency, but I'm still excited! Oh and the whole shopping factor, that always brightens up a persons weekend! I brought my "Little Book of Stupid Questions" to work to lay on my desk for the massive amount of people that come and visit me (we're to a whopping two right now!). But in honor of the book I'll post a question.

If you could be invisible for one hour every day, what would you do during that hour?

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

This is my dog

Ths is my dog, Rodi, short for Rodent. She is a five year old 4lbs silky terrier who loves chicken and barking at rocks. Yes, barking at rocks. She will not play with any toy really, but give her a rock and she'll be entertained for hours! I adopted her from a family that could no longer keep her and I'm so glad I did. She's been a great little dog! But sad to say she likes Glenn more than me! She'll follow him anywhere! But I'll take being second on the list. This is a picture of her when I visited my family in Nash, OK, this Labor Day weekend. She enjoyed all the grass and all the rocks. But, today sadly I had to take her to the vet for a dental checkup. Her owners before me didn't really take care of her teeth. They had to remove 12 teeth, that's a lot considering how small she is. She's felt miserable all day, that is until she smelled the pizza we were eating for dinner and started begging (she's a table food junkie). She's on pain killers, but poor thing I feel so sorry for her.