Monday, December 12, 2005

This is Michelle's Last Hurrah

Well it’s officially 5 days till Michelle ties the knot (that’s if you count the actual day)!!! So to celebrate her big step into deep dark abyss called marriage we sent her off in style with the time honored tradition of a bachelorette party, complete with all the vulgarities required for such an event! Michelle looked lovely in her cowboy hat complete with veil and a particularly, how do you say, creative, candy necklace. Let’s just say the candy came in a particular shape, wink wink! We had a blast all the girls came and stayed at my place and we went out on the town in our stretch SUV limo (oh yeah we’re that cool)! We had dinner at the Magic Time Machine, and it was great, it’s a place where all the waiters are dressed up as characters from movies, cartoons, ect. Aladdin was our waiter, although Abu was absent (Aladdin said he hadn’t seen him in six weeks, some pet owner). Let me just insert here that the Magic Time Machine was great I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time! That and Waldo (famous from his many books, Where’s Waldo) had a particular liking for our table, it’s cause we’re all hot, I mean come on, who wouldn’t want to hang out with us. All the male waiters serenaded Michelle with “You’ve lost that lovin’ feeling.” Oh and I forgot to mention the best part, all the table at MTT are decorated differently like one table is in a library, another is a school bus, we were in the hut!!!! It was fabulous, although a little tight for six girls! After dinner we loaded into the limo and headed toward Pete’s Piano Bar, where we had to wait in line to get, obviously they didn’t get the memo we were VIPs! Once inside you basically needed football pads and gear to get anywhere cause it was so full! I invaded so many people’s personal intimate space (that would be the 0 to 14 in area around your body, I’m not sure which theory that is but I learned it in college, good thing I took away important information huh, thank you Baylor). I’m pretty sure I inadvertently groped a couple people accidentally as well. But it was a good time nonetheless, the piano guys played “Total Eclipse of the Heart” which is our song (our=the girls). And we got Michelle called up on stage and they made up a song about her that was well, far from tasteful! All in all the evening was a success!

Here’s to you Michelle!

Blasted: For my family driving me crazy.

Yippee: I only have to work three days this week!!!!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

This is news

I apologize heavily for my lack of posting. So, sorry. But now for an update on many different things.

1. Texans are silly with their ice and closing things down. DISD closed today because well, I’m not quite sure. It’s snowing and like 15 degrees in OK and people are still going to work. But I digress.

2. I cannot complain we delayed opening today till 10am, this was wonderful seeing that I usually come in at 7:30am.

3. Because I got to leave work at 3:30 yesterday because of the “inclement” weather, I decided to go get my hair done. Sadly I cannot afford Warren again, so I went to another salon, I’m going to leave you in suspense about how my hair looks (but I will say it’s different)!

4. I spent way too much money on very few Christmas decorations yesterday. Because number one, my fiancĂ© thinks I’m a Scrooge and I’m trying to work on it, and number two, my wonderful friends are visiting this weekend and well I needed to decorate, lest they make fun of me.

5. Paying for your own car insurance stinks.

6. Your dog peeing on your carpet stinks.

7. It is wonderful when you get past your initial probationary period at work and you are eligible for paid time off! This is good thing!

8. In regards to the last item, I’ll only be working eight days between now and the New Year (GuideStone = most magical place in the world, see you thought it was Disneyworld, you are sorely mistaken my friend!)

9. Departmental Christmas Party tomorrow… woo hoo tinsel!

10. We’ve set a date for the wedding… October 7, 2006, only 303 days to go!

Blasted: To hearing my neighbors celebrating about not having to go to work today as I got ready.

Yippee: To getting to see my friends this weekend! And cramming into my 448sq ft efficiency!