Sunday, November 30, 2008

This is trust

One of my best friends, Michelle, asked me to take some family pictures for her for Christmas this year. And it was a little nerve wracking because Michelle is who started my interest in photography. And Michelle is super talented with the camera and with editing – girl can edit like crazy! So needless to say I was really hoping that she'd be happy with what I took.

We went to downtown Mckinney and got some cute family photos – I got some pictures to play with and so did Michelle (cause she's lots better at this editing thing than I am!). You can see her version here.

Here's what I saw…

yippee - to lots of fun photos from Thanksgiving!!!! - lots of fun posts to come!

blasted - to the holiday being over

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This is Glenn's Birthday

My sweet hubby turned a year older today - and sadly I didn't get to enjoy much of it because I'm under the weather - boooooo. We celebrated last night by going to dinner at the new Chuy's in Plano - it was sooo yummy. In honor of Glenn's birthday I thought I'd share with you some fun and random facts about my amazing guy!

  • He can brush his teeth longer than any person I know! - seriously he's in bed next to me right now brushing his teeth - that's right you read right - in bed
  • He is an amazing manager of time - over the past two years he has worked a full time job - gone to school for his masters - and ran his DJ business - the kid can multitask with the best of them!
  • He graduates from UTD with masters in Accounting in December!!!!!
  • Most of you know this - but for those of you that don't he was a mascot in college and was a mascot for the NBA Timberwolves - so you know - he's shy
  • He loves to fish - sadly this is something we haven't gotten to do together yet - hopefully this next year
  • He's like crazy coordinated - like sports wise - so basically he's the yin to my yang.
  • Goonies is his favorite movie - "hey you guuuysss"
  • He loves him some grey t-shirts
  • He loves 80's music almost as much as I do! ;)
  • He puts up with me - that alone is amazing!
I love you baby - you make my life so sweet and wonderful! Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This is total cuteness!!!

Or my friend's have the cutest kids! I took some pictures for my friend Callie this past weekend. She has the most adorable family! Isn't Will a handsome dude?

Yippee - to finding new perfume I love
Blasted - to a scratchy throat

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This is about as "athletic" as I get!

So to celebrate the Cheese and Molly's birthday we went out to dinner at our favorite Waco Mexican resturant, La Fiesta, yum! Then we went bowling!!!!! Cheese and I took bowling while at Baylor - but it had been a while since I picked up a bowing ball... so needless to say I was a little bit worried about looking a fool. But I totally managed to break 100 in my first game - the second one wasn't that hot. Let's face my athletic ability is - well wait - oh yeah I don't have any! :) But we had a blast!!!!

Michelle was having fun taking artsy pics - if you look closely enough you can see Molly's bowling shoes - yep that's right - girlfriend owns her own shoes!!!!!
Shell and Sean

Me having fun taking artsy pics!

My most favorite girls in the whole world!

Yippee - to having a Chicken Biscuit for breakfast (maybe that should be a blasted)
Blasted - to missing my bedtime wayyy to many nights in a row - yes I'm 80

Sunday, November 09, 2008

This is more Baylor Homecoming

This one's for my bros! :)

Sadly the ALICO building lost it's "I"

Love my friends!

Hey let's give the babies Dr. Pepper Floats!!!!!

toooo funny!!!!
Kayleigh trying to get every last drop of Dr. Pepper Float - either that or she's teething.


By far my most fav pic from the whole weekend!!!!!!

Yippee - to already having one showing for the house!
Blasted - weekend was waaaayyy to short!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

This is why I love Waco

My friends toddlers were absolutely ADORABLE for Halloween this year. Price was a pirate and Kayleigh was Wonder Woman!!!!

Kid has the cutest grin ever!!!!

I feel like Price should be saying "Ahoy Matey!!!"

Kayleigh trying to figure out what part of the world to save next! :)

K-bear playing keep away with Mommy - love the look on her face

Ahhh Baylor - I love you sooo much

This pic make me a bit dizzy but I love it - Satch!


I got to spend an awesome night with my hubby!!!!!!

Yippee - to more of the house being clean
Blasted - soooooo tired.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

This is why you shouldn't feed the ostriches!!!!

This is not an action shot - so you can't really tell how crazy these guys were - they were going nuts trying to get every last little bit of feed!!!!
PS - my hubby wants it noted that his face "looks so fat - because he is sucking his face into his skull" end quote
Hey man why you keep rolling up this window - we ain't done here!!!! (that's gansta ostrich talk)

Hey you gonna finish that??????

Yippee: to the house being so close to being ready
Blasted: to all the work that's still left to be done - and here I am blogging

This is lots and lots of big animals

So Glenn and I went to Glen Rose for a wedding he was DJing. Saturday we visited a cemetary where one of Glenn's kin was buried - it was a really neat little cemetary - call me creepy - I don't care.
We also visited Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose - also very cool.We stayed Saturday night and got up Sunday morning to go see Fossil Rim an animal reserve. It's one of those places you drive through and they give you feed to feed the animals - some are more daring than other as evidenced by some photos below!


This is a list

Of things that I promise I will blog about - because I'm sure you all are waiting with bated breath about what I will blog about next! :)

  • Our trip to Glen Rose (got some awesome pics of Glenn posing with some really big game)
  • My friend's babies 2nd Halloween (wow crazy to think it's their second!!!)
  • Baylor Homecoming SIC 'EM
  • The fact that we are putting our house on the market and for the past two days I've put in a collective 11 hours of cleaning - hence the lack of blogging
I promise that there will be posts

Yippee - to a much cleaner - less cluttered house
Blasted - well it's 1:10 and I'm blogging....