Saturday, August 23, 2008

This is sooo ridiculous

So I had a Junior League friend ask if I could take pictures of her little girl in her christening gown - seeing that she had decided to spit up all over the day of her christening so all her pics from that day are in a white onesie. I was so excited an nervous to go take someone (other than my super close friends) pictures. We had so much fun taking pics of sweet Miss Maggie!

So I've been editing pics most of the afternoon and I'm completely obsessed!!! This is soo much fun!

Here are some pics of little Miss Maggie!So serious and ladylike!

Such a happy girl!
Which looks better with my skin tone yellow or pink???Every little girl has to have a pink tutu!!!!

Yippee - For game night tonight
Blasted - To having to clean the house Sunday

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This is my problem...

So with the Olympics being on so late in the day I'm having a super hard time going to bed on time. I just want to stay up and watch. It's ridiculous!!!! Not a whole lot going on right now other than an absurd amount of rain falling over the past couple of days - but we'll take it the lawn was starting to look pretty sad.

Yippee - to discovering action in Photoshop
Blasted - to being up late again - yet another night.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

This is a weekend to remember (Part 3)

On Friday all the girls got up and went to this really awesome restaurant, The Old Sugar Mill Griddlehouse. Their specialty was pancakes - but the cool part was that you made them at your table. There was a griddle in the middle of the table and they brought us two different batters - so good! You were able to put toppings on them like blueberries!
We headed back to the house to get some rest and start getting ready for Molly's big day!!!! We all got fabulous(especially Molly) and headed down to the beach to get Molly married!I really cannot describe how unbelievably beautiful the whole wedding was. It has stormed everyday we'd been in Florida and the forecast was storms for Molly's big day. It wasn't looking so good early afternoon but about an hour before the wedding it cleared as was as beautiful as can be. I gotta admit it was really had to keep it all together seeing Molly coming down the aisle, knowing that all my close friends are married and this would be the last time we'd be having a wedding with our best friends. Now we just get to wait for Kayleigh and Price to get married.The ceremony was goregous and we had a great time taking pictures on the beach after. Glenn was super impressed with his ability to take pics with my camera - we've been working on him learning how to use it on a setting other than Auto!The reception was in this beautiful building right on the water - it was perfect. We ate and danced the night away.
And sent Molly and Henry off to their honeymoon - cans tied to the car and all!!!!!

Thanks for the memories Molly and Henry.

I can't wait for "Total Eclipse of the Heart 09!" :)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

This is what my friends and I are married to!


And we love em!!!!

There's a lot more to tell about Molly's wedding and I'm working on that post! But wanted to share our silly hubbies at Molly's rehearsal dinner.

Yippee: to milk and cookies tonight - yum
Blasted: Gotta work tomorrow

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

This is a weekend to remember (Part 2)

We woke up Friday morning and got ready to hit the beach - we had rehearsal on the beach early and we knew we were going to stay and hang out for a while. The rehearsal was short and sweet and we had a blast playing on the beach and taking pictures (Michelle and I were in picture heaven).

We also played a rousing game of Apples to Apples – too much fun – I highly recommend it!

Molly and Henry’s rehearsal dinner was at this great restaurant called “Deck Down Under” they had amazing seafood. We had a great time getting to meet all of the families!

Glenn and I at Deck Down under

The Saiz-Pack Fam

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This is a weekend to remember (Part 1)

I truly adore my friends is the first thing I have to start off saying. I can’t remember laughing as hard as I did on this trip in a really long time – the laughing so hard you start to cry and can’t even talk. Laughing – it’s soo good for you! Molly's wedding weekend was amazing.

Thursday – Our trip started with Kristy coming to our place to load into the car to head to the airport. Parking at the airport was a slight challenge seeing that all the remote parking was full and we got stuck on this random service road and could get back on the main road – we literally drove the length of the airport. We finally parked and met Lee at the airport and checked in and had some lunch. Our flight was a little bumpy but not terrible. When we got off the plane we met Sean and Michelle whose flight landed a little before ours. Luckily all of our bags made it. We got to the rental car place where we were assigned a “lovely” Dodge Caravan – we named her Betsy – she treated us well.

From the airport we drove to Molly’s parents house to have some dinner and then we were off to the condo – which actually turned out to be a house that was amazing. It was literally a block and half from the beach. It was late but we still wanted to go to the beach. So we wandered down – it wasn’t till we got there that we realized bringing a flashlight of some sort would have been a good call. It was amazing because there were thunderstorms in the distance over the Atlantic. We all dipped our toes in and headed in to hit the hay – we had a big day ahead of us.

Monday, August 11, 2008

This is a taste...

So we just got back from Molly's wedding in Florida and had soo much fun!!!!!! More pics and stories to come - I'm currently trying to get over a nasty sinus infection I acquired in lovely Florida.

Yippee - for the awesome tan I got!
Blasted - aforementioned sinus infection.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

This is one reason I'm such a lucky girl!

I have some of the best friends ever!!! Sometimes I wonder if other people have it as good as us – if other people are as lucky when it comes to friends. I was hoping to get out of college with one good friend – and I came out with three great friends.

We are headed to Florida for Molly's (far left) wedding this weekend! Can't wait to be on the beach soaking up the sun with my friends!!!

Yippee - to getting off work early tomorrow.
Blasted - Been eating way to much this week.. uggg