Monday, October 08, 2007

This is Bling, the Lion King and Paparraz"ing"

So this Sunday was Glenn and I's one year anniversary!!! It certainly doesn't seem like a year has past since we got married, but according to the calendar it has been! I have been so blessed with such a wonderful first year of marriage to a fantastic guy. We had a really fun really laid back day. We slept in and it was great and we hadn't gotten out of bed yet and Glenn handed me a ring box!!! I opened it up and found another band to go with my engagement and wedding ring, it's beautiful! I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful gift. So then I had to give him what I got him which was a new Ipod Nano. I've loved mine and I knew had been wanting one. We are slowly but surely becoming Apple junkies. But seriously man if you don't have an Apple you should totally get one they are amazing!

Several days before our anniversary one of Glenn's friends, Robert, called and asked if we'd like to go with them to the Lion King. It did fall on our anniversary but we figured why not enjoy a show and walk around the fair? For all you non-Dallasites - The great state fair of Texas runs from the end of September to the end of October and there is a Music Hall on the fairgrounds and there is always a show that runs during the fair. This year it is the Lion King. And when you go if you have a ticket to the show it also get you into the fair for free. So we saw the show and it was amazing, the costumes were so imaginative - it amazes me people can think up this stuff! And the singing was great, it was all together a great show! The fair was good we had our typical fair food. Glenn and I both like the corn dogs. Then we each have our own personal favorites. Glenn's favorites are the roasted corn and funnel cakes. My favorites are the potato twist things and belgium waffles. We shared the roasted corn and potato twists and opted out of dessert because we probably couldn't eat any more fair food!

So then later we decided to go to dinner at Chuy's. We love Chuy's and figured we were sweaty from the fair and we didn't want to clean up to go somewhere swank! Ok so were at Chuys and we sit down and Glenn says to me that there is a guy at the table behind me that's famous but can't remember what he's in or what his name is. So I nonchalantly turn around and see him and sure enough famous dude right there table next to us. I can't figure out what he's from either. So throughout our dinner Glenn and I both try to get pics of him with our camera phones to no avail. Glenn calls his friend Cratin who knows tons of actors but without a good pic to send him or even to tell him what the dudes in we are all at a loss. We could even tell the table next to us recognized him so of course being the extremely shy people that we are we asked then if they knew who he was. They couldn't figure it out either.... well the husband thought he was a guy he'd seen at his favorite bar, which we all thought was funny. So we are both raking our brains, and I said well maybe he's from prison break or maybe he's an actor that grew up in dallas or lives here now... well that wasn't it because the more I listened (yes I was eavesdropping) he had a what sounded to me like a northern accent. So by the time we paid our bill I decided we'd ask the hostess stand who it was. Having worked in a resturant in college I knew that the whole staff had to be talking about it and somebody was bound to have known who this dude was! Sure enough up to the hostess stand I go and they say it's William Fichtner from Prison Break! Obviously Glenn and I are avid fans.... yeah we don't watch that show at all but we got home googled him and sure enough it was him. So I've had my first close encounter or at least fairly close encounter on my anniversary no less!!!!

Yippee - to being married to the man of my dreams for a year!!!
Blasted - to waking up this morning with a serious tummy ache from all the fair food!