Wednesday, September 12, 2007

This is not goodbye!

Because I’m still don’t want to believe she’s going!!!! This is my good friend/co-worker April. I love her, she’s the greatest! Well we’ve both worked at GuideStone for the past couple years and have become great friends. She recently got a FANTASTIC promotion within GuideStone. But of course it had to be one of the very, very rare positions that is not in our building and sadly not even in our state!!! Can you believe it? She will be moving to Tennessee to be an On-Site Manager for one of GuideStone’s biggest clients, and they are so very lucky to have her! There are many people that are going to be missing her wonderful smile and encouraging words. But all is not lost she will be visiting back in Texas every now and then, which we were very relieved to hear. She heads out this weekend to move her life several states away, and I really am excited for her. My co-worker Jennifer and I worked on road trip CDs for her so she wouldn’t forget us too soon with great Texas hits and some Tennessee ones so April (because I know you love the ellipse) See you around…

Yippee: Getting to eat really good cake tomorrow at a baby shower!!!!!!!!
Blasted: To the headache I’m getting…grrr

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

This is what I'm lovin!

Well I’ve been bad but I’m trying to get better about posting!!! Just wanted to share with you some fun things that I’m lovin’ right now!!!!

In no particular order

-Baby Kayleigh (Michelle’s little bundle of joy born on July 24th)

-Baby Price (Kristy’s little bundle of joy born on August 31st)
-The new Nike + Ipod running system (mind you I’m not a runner more of a walk/jogger)
-Our new deep freeze at long last we can actually buy frozen foods in bulk!!!!
-My hubby, we’re coming up on our year anniversary and we are having more fun than ever!!!
-My Twinings Jasmine Green Tea that I have every morning at work (yes I know I’m a dork, but if you had to be functional at 7:30 you’d need caffeine too, and I’m not a huge coffee fan)
-The fact that I’ve been invited to more country music events in the past month than I have in my entire lifetime (weird)
- Our new movie theatre seats (Thanks Shell) they are enormous, but very very cool
- The new curtains in our master bedroom (only one more room to go for curtains)
- The new ceiling fan in our guest bedroom, so come and visit
- Glenn’s new website check it out!

Yippee – To a three day work week
Blasted – Totally sore from working out (I guess that’s a good thing though)