Wednesday, October 25, 2006

This is the abridged version

Well so much has happened since I last blogged…. I think it should just be assumed that I have to apologize at the beginning of every blog because well… I’m not a very good blogger. But here goes …..

So I’M MARRIED!!!! I got married on October 7th and it was perfect and sooo much fun I can’t even begin to describe! Being married has been absolutely great. If you want to see the wedding pictures just go to and log in or register and search for Jennifer and Glen. It was so much fun to be around all my friend and family. I can’t wait to see the video so I can see the whole ceremony from beginning to finish! And I finally got to have a Dr. Pepper float at the reception, this was probably my favorite part about the reception!

We are officially homeowners! What a big step and how scary it is to have a mortgage, but really fun to do whatever you want to your house and not have to worry about getting your deposit back! We are living in Allen, Texas and it has been a blast so far, we have some awesome neighbors that have been a godsend. We are having fun painting and decorating! Although it’s amazing how long it takes to get settled, because everything has to find its place in your house and you’d be surprised how long it takes. Not to mention just getting everything put away take FOREVER. Or at least it feels like that by the time you get home from work you don’t have time to do much. Because you see with my new fabulous home and I have a new fabulous commute. I get up at 5:45 – yep you heard it 5:45 leave the house around 6:20 and get to work between 6:50 and 7:30 depending on traffic. Now this means that I have to start getting ready for bed around 9 in order to get into bed by 10 and hopefully fall asleep by 10:30. I usually get home between 6 and 7 so that gives me roughly 2 to 3 hours of free time a day… wow being an adult is not as fun as it looks in the movies :( But I am lucky to work at a place where I get every other Friday off, so I’ll let it slide.

Glenn (that would be my husband – I can say that now) is enjoying opening up a new bank branch in McKinney – which has lead him to discover downtown McKinney (ladies it’s the coolest – lots of little shops and restaurants – in a word, fantastic) so I can’t wait till everything is in the house and settled (and I don’t feel guilty for shopping while I should be working on the house) and I can take a day to check it all out.

Blasted: This is the Friday I have to work.
Yippee: I’m going to have my first house guest the 2nd weekend in November, and I couldn’t be any more excited!